Chapter 793: An Old Friend (4)

    Chapter 793: An Old Friend (4)

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    In a teahouse in Drifting Wind Country, a woman in green robes was sitting in a corner, quietly listening in on the conversations around her.

    "Did you hear? Supreme Jin has been searching for the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian's whereabouts. I don't know what the Holy Doctor could have possibly done to offend Supreme Jin of Gold Country."

    "Tsk, tsk. You don't know this but I've heard about it long ago. It seems that the enemy who was responsible for Xia Ruoyun of the Xia family's death was the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian! Xia Ruoyun's father, Xia Ming, has expended a lot of effort in investigating this. I also heard that Supreme Jin and Xia Ruoyun had a pretty good relationship. So, of course, he wouldn't possibly spare her murderer."

    "What? Are you saying that the person who had destroyed Xia Ruoyun's maternal family was the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian? This... This can't be possible. Why should the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian do such a thing?"

    The crowd sighed incessantly. Even so, no one had noticed the girl in the green robes who was sitting in the corner.

    Gu Ruoyun's eyebrows were knitted together tightly as her eyes flashed with deep meaning. After a long pause, she relaxed her brows and a cold smile appeared on the corner of her lips, "Xia Ming, Xia Chuxue. Years ago, you had destroyed my maternal grandfather's entire family for the sake of acquiring the Ancient Divine Pagoda which I had rightfully inherited from Grandfather. You two had also murdered my mother and my little brother. Now, you want to use this to frame my old master! Unfortunately, you'll never guess that not only have I been reincarnated, I've also... Returned."

    However, she was no longer Xia Ruoyun of the Xia family. She was now Gu Ruoyun!

    Just then, a voice boomed through the tearoom, what it said caused Gu Ruoyun to shudder. Soon after that, a murderous intent erupted from her being, making her lucid and elegant features grow increasingly icy.

    "Hurry, look. It's Xia Chuxue of the Xia family!"

    "Tsk, tsk. Xia Chuxue sure is beautiful. No wonder Lu Chen is dead-set on her. I've even heard that Supreme Jin of Gold Country also puts her in high regard!"

    "I reckon that that's highly possible since it goes without saying that Xia Chuxue is the number one beauty in Drifting Wind Country as well as an extremely talented person. She would certainly make a good match for Supreme Jin! However, I've heard that Supreme Jin of Gold Country had taken a liking to Xia Chuxue but she had rejected him. It makes sense that an unselfish and unconditional woman like Xia Chuxue would not give herself away despite Supreme Jin's handsome face, incomparable power, and great influence?

    "By the way, you may not know this but that fallen Xia Ruoyun of the Xia family was exactly that kind of woman. I heard that she and Supreme Jin had crossed paths once and she had taken a liking to Supreme Jin's looks and power so she had given herself to him. Otherwise, why do you think that Supreme Jin would send the Xia family so much help in the beginning? Now, he wants to avenge Xia Ruoyun! However, later on, Supreme Jin had met Xia Chuxue and he was attracted to her unselfish and unconditional nature and then fell in love with her. Now, his intention of avenging Xia Ruoyun was partially due to Xia Chuxue's request."

    "Xia Chuxue certainly is the perfect woman. She's so loyal and devoted to her older sister. Also, I've heard that Lu Chen had fallen for Xia Chuxue first but due to Xia Ruoyun's machinations, he had become Xia Ruoyun's husband-to-be..."

    Just as the crowd was engrossed in their discussion, Xia Chuxue, who was dressed in white and looked as simple and elegant as a pure lotus flower, slowly stepped into the teahouse. However, when she entered the tearoom, she paused in her steps. Her beautiful hair fluttered gently in the light breeze. Her voice then silenced the noisy tearoom.

    "Xia Ruoyun was my older sister. No matter how many sins she has committed, she was still connected to me by blood. I won't allow anyone to gossip about her! If I hear any more of these absurd remarks, don't blame me for being my lack of courtesy!"
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