Chapter 794: An Old Friend (5)

    Chapter 794: An Old Friend (5)

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    After Xia Chuxue had spoken, she retracted her gaze and turned towards a group of escorts waiting for her. She then headed to the second floor and her white robes soon disappeared from view.

    After she had left, the initially silent tearoom burst into a discussion once again. This time, they had lowered their voices somewhat.

    "Xia Ruoyun sure is lucky to have a little sister like that! Furthermore, this sister is far too loyal. She cried so much during Xia Ruoyun's maternal grandfather and mother's funeral that she had passed out. In comparison, that cruel and unscrupulous Xia Ruoyun was so cowardly that she never even showed her face at her own relatives' funeral. It was a good thing that she had ended up dead. An ungrateful wretch like her does not deserve to be left alive!"

    Gu Ruoyun listened to the discussion and her originally tumultuous and raging heart slowly calmed down.

    In her past life, her inability to attend her relatives' funeral was indeed her greatest regret.

    However, at the time, she was being hunted by Xia Ming so how could she have given herself up so stupidly?

    As for Xia Chuxue...

    She really was Xia Ming's daughter. She has fully inherited all his traits.

    She has now become a devoted and loyal woman!

    Initially, between her birth mother and Xia Ruoyun's birth mother, one had the position as a concubine while the other was the matron of the house! She, as the daughter of the concubine, had cried until she had fainted at the matron of the house's funeral! Yet the trueborn daughter, Xia Ruoyun, had hidden away like a cowardly ostrich, not even daring to show her face.

    With such a clear-cut difference, the people in this tearoom would have naturally arrived at this conclusion.

    However, no one knows that Xia Ruoyun's mother had not been buried in their ancestral grave! She had instead been tossed into an unmarked grave by Xia Ming and his daughter, not even her bones could be found now!

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath in order to suppress her impulses. Her gaze turned towards the second floor and she happened to notice a familiar figure.

    Is that him?

    She was momentarily stunned before she frowned.

    What was Supreme Jin doing here? Could it be... That the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian is in Drifting Wind Country?

    "Big Brother Jin."

    Xia Chuxue had just entered the room when she saw the handsome man who had been looking down at the street below from the window. An absent-minded light flashed in her eyes as she said, "Big Brother Jin, you're here?"


    Supreme Jin nodded as he furrowed his grave and stern brows. His thoughts were shielded from the world.

    For a moment, the atmosphere was rather awkward.

    Xia Chuxue fell silent for a while and was just about to speak as she was cut off by the man's icy tone.

    "I heard what they were saying downstairs." Supreme Jin slowly lifted his head. His golden eyes flashed with a cold light but he continued to stare out the window, "Who was the one who had spread that?"


    Xia Chuxue was momentarily dazed as she looked at the man's handsome visage in astonishment.

    "When they said that Xia Ruoyun had seduced me and that I'm in love with you!"

    Supreme Jin finally turned to look at Xia Chuxue.

    She does not know why but when she looked straight into the man's golden eyes, her heart trembled violently and a splash of endless cold energy leaped from her toes into her chest.

    "I want to know who was it who had started these whispers!"

    Xia Chuxue looked very pitiful as she replied, "Big Brother Jin, I don't know who had started those rumors. However, you should also have heard me chastising them and telling them not to believe in these lies. You, Big Brother Jin, and I both know what kind of a person my older sister really was."

    Supreme Jin's golden eyes darkened. After a while, under this stifling atmosphere, he steadily replied, "Xia Chuxue, I'm helping the Xia family for Yun'er's sake! If it wasn't for her, whether the Xia family lives or dies is none of my business!"
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