Chapter 795: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (1)

    Chapter 795: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (1)

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    Xia Chuxue's heart trembled. She bit her lips hard and raised her head to look at Supreme Jin's handsome face.

    "Big Brother Jin, I'd like to know... Did you have feelings for my sister?"


    Supreme Jin smiled.

    This woman will never understand that there's another kind of feeling that goes beyond that of a man and a woman's romantic affairs.

    That woman was a person who fully deserved my trust! Even if I were to expose all of my flaws before her, I believe that she would never strike me with her blade!

    This kind of trust surpasses everything else!

    In this world, only she could make me feel so calm and only she deserves my trust.

    "You're asking a little too much." Supreme Jin's expression reverted to his originally grave and stern look. His golden eyes retained the domineering air of a sovereign. "You only need to remember that the Xia family should stick to carrying out your own duties! If anything happens, I will come to your aid but don't ask me for anything more!"

    Xia Chuxue smiled bitterly, "I understand, Big Brother Jin. I've invited you here because I heard that you've rushed to Drifting Wind Country. Was that because the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian is here?"

    Supreme Jin looked at Xia Chuxue before nodding, "That's right! I've received news of his whereabouts in Drifting Wind Country. Leave this matter to this Supreme One. I won't spare Yun'er's murderer!"


    Just as he said the last syllable, a powerful force erupted from the man's being. His golden robes fluttered, setting off the man's handsome features and giving him an even more noble and domineering air.

    Xia Chuxue held back the glint in her eyes. She looked at the domineering man and spoke in a serious yet honest manner, "Big Brother Jin, Big Sister's revenge is mine as well! All these years, I've spared no expense in uncovering her murderer. No matter what, I won't let him get away with it! I don't think Big Sister would be at peace until we've sent him to hell!"

    She had indeed made painstaking efforts!

    She had made painstaking efforts to convince Supreme Jin that it was the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian who had murdered Xia Ruoyun.

    The joke of it all was even though Supreme Jin was the head of the state of a country, he had still fallen for her schemes.


    Seeing the sincerity on Xia Chuxue's face, Supreme Jin's handsome face finally softened, "No matter where Bai Zhongtian is hiding, I will find him! I'll be staying in a guest house during this period of time. If you have any news, you may find me at the guest house."

    "I understand. Big Brother Jin, I have some matters to attend to. I'll take my leave now."

    Xia Chuxue smiled but when she turned around, the smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by a menacing sneer.

    Xia Ruoyun! I really don't know what abilities you possess to have so many people seeking to avenge you after your death! Unfortunately, no matter how hard the world tries to investigate this, they'll never know that the real people behind your death, was the Xia family!

    After all, the Xia family has always displayed good treatment towards you in public. Father is so loving so who would even suspect us?

    Xia Chuxue pushed the door open and walked down to the ground floor. Once she re-entered the lounge, she felt as if she was being watched by a pair of clear and cold eyes. That feeling was all too familiar and caused her heart to shiver continuously.

    She tried to find out where the line of sight had come from but she realized that she could not detect its origin at all.

    "Perhaps I've been too tired lately, my senses may be out of commission."

    She shook her head and walked out of the tearoom.

    The moment she stepped out of the tearoom, Gu Ruoyun raised her head once again. Her clear and cold gaze fixed resolutely on the direction where that woman had just departed. A wave of murderous intent flashed across her eyes.
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