Chapter 797: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (3)

    Chapter 797: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (3)

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    The cute little doll had raised her snow-white chin and was staring arrogantly at the purple-eyed boy who was sitting on the chair.

    She was looking at Xiao Zixie as if he was not a living and breathing person but a toy which had caught her attention.

    "It's the Second Lady of the Xia family."

    "The Second Lady of the Xia family is not like Xia Chuxue. Xia Chuxue is kind and graceful while this Second Lady is haughty and willful. Still, she's only a child. It's normal for her to be a little willful but these two are in for it now."

    "I don't know whose family's son the little boy in purple is, he's indeed very beautiful. Regardless of his identity, he's no match for the Xia family who is protected by Supreme Jin."

    Upon seeing this, everyone in the tearoom could not help but shake their head and sigh. However, no one wanted to step in and speak up for Gu Ruoyun and her little group.

    The Second Lady of the Xia family?

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow. If I remember correctly, the Second Lady of the Xia family should be Xia Chuxue!

    However, based on the current situation, my name should have been taken off the books since I'm dead! Now, Xia Chuxue has become the Eldest Lady of the Xia family and this girl, if my guess is right, should be Xia Chuxue's biological little sister.

    "This..." Lu Chen glanced at Xia Chuling in embarrassment yet his cold eyes could not mask his indulgence. He thought for a while and turned to the girl in the green robes who had been sitting silently a few tables away from them the entire time. He said, "Miss, may I discuss something with you?"

    Gu Ruoyun put her teacup down and replied indifferently, "What is it?"

    "I'd like to ask your younger brother to accompany my younger sister for a few days. What do you think, Miss?"

    Lu Chen curled the corners of his lips. His grave and stern face displayed what he thought was a warm smile. To him, no woman could resist his smile!

    Hearing this, the woman in green finally raised her head.

    At that instant, Lu Chen felt as if something had landed heavily on his heart.

    I never knew that someone in this world could have eyes so similar to hers - just as bleak and reserved, carrying a sense of apathy that shows how little she cared about the things of the world.

    Lu Chen's expression changed twice. He could not help but stumble back.

    Xia Ruoyun is dead!

    Even if someone else looked like her, it can't possibly be her!

    If that's the case, what's there for me to be afraid of?

    Lu Chen took a deep breath at the thought. He calmed himself and awaited Gu Ruoyun's reply with a smile.

    "My apologies."

    Gu Ruoyun took note of the change in the man's expression and replied.

    "I refuse."

    Lu Chen's expression sank slightly, "Miss, I'm willing to pay and hire him for his services. You need only name your price."

    Xiao Zixie did not seem to hear him. He grabbed a pastry on the table and placed in his mouth. His young, tender, and adorable little face was full of smiles. However, if Lu Chen had glanced at him at this very moment, he would certainly notice the fleeting flash of murderous intent in his purple eyes.

    "Hire him?" Gu Ruoyun smiled. "I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to afford the bill!"

    She was speaking the truth.

    Xiao Zixie may still be at his childhood stage but as the Ancient Divine Phoenix and the fact that he was already at the rank of a Martial Supreme, there was probably no one in existence who could actually afford to hire him!

    "Miss, name your price. No matter the amount, I, Lu Chen, will give it to you!"

    Lu Chen's expression was now an ugly shade. He had thought that by using his good looks and charm, this woman would fall for him and gift the little boy to Xia Chuling. He never expected her to spout such conceited nonsense.
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