Chapter 799: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (5)

    Chapter 799: The Second Lady Of The Xia Family (5)

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    Lu Chen looked very gloomy indeed as he replied frostily, "It looks like the children of your family are not properly brought up at all! You would even hit a person without provocation and look so nonchalant about it. I really don't know what kind of parent could have brought up a pair of siblings like you two."

    Gu Ruoyun laughed scornfully. She swept her clear, cold gaze towards Lu Chen's face and slowly curled the corners of her lips.

    "That's right, we're not well brought up in our family, unlike the Xia family's impressive upbringing! You would even think of snatching a boy in public at such a young age! The Master of the Xia family... Has certainly brought up a good daughter."

    Isn't that right?

    Accusing others of being uneducated when they had been acting in defense.

    In contrast, Second Lady Xia had taken a liking to this little boy but after being rejected, she had still tried to snatch him away. What a great upbringing she's been given!

    Lu Chen's expression turned even gloomier as he seemed to sense the mocking stares from the crowd, "Miss, I hope you won't regret your actions today! Ling'er, let's go."

    As he spoke, Lu Chen stepped in front of Xia Chuling. He then bent down and carried her up.

    "I don't want to go!"

    Xia Chuling began to struggle incessantly in Lu Chen's arms as she wailed sulkily, "Brother Lu Chen, I want that boy, I want him to play with me. Snatch him back for me, please?"

    "Clever Ling'er," Lu Chen stroked Xia Chuling's hair as his eyes filled with indulgence and warmth, "Don't worry, he will be yours! When the time comes, no one will dare to stop you even if you want to make him your servant."

    The Xia family now had Supreme Jin's support, who would dare to even oppose them?

    Ling'er had simply taken a liking to a little doll, shouldn't that be an easy matter? In Lu Chen's opinion, the Xia family as they were now could have whatever they want and no one else would dare to snatch that away! With a powerful ally like Supreme Jin, no one would dare to make an enemy of them!

    Besides, the world is still unaware of the Vermillion Bird hidden in the Xia family. Even if they had tricked the spiritual beast into joining the family, if the Xia family was ever in danger, the powers that be cannot ignore making an enemy of Supreme Jin and the Divine Spiritual Beast.

    It's all because that stupid Vermillion Bird wants the Xia family to help him find his companions.

    Xiao Zixie frowned. His purple eyes glared icily at Lu Chen as he left. A murderous intent flickered in his eyes and he said, "I want to kill them."

    "Don't worry," Gu Ruoyun nodded gently and smiled, "That day won't be too far off now."

    Xia Ming, Lu Chen, and... Xia Chuxue...

    I wonder if you're all prepared?

    "Xiao Zixie, our current top priorities are to find my Master and pave the way for Yu'er to make an entrance. He must be present when we make our plans against the Xia family. In our past life, they had killed my mother and destroyed Maternal Grandfather's entire family. They had then dismembered Yu'er alive. Granting them an easy death will be too much of a loss on their end! I want Yu'er to personally watch those who have harmed him in his past life as they get their just desserts!"

    The reason why she had not brought Yu'er along was because he had lost an arm. On the East Peak Mainland, where treachery crawls in every corner, this was too dangerous. Hence, she had decided to arrive first and once she has the power to protect him, she would bring him over as well.

    She would then let him personally exact his revenge.

    Xiao Zixie fell silent, he knew that the depth of hatred Gu Ruoyun held in her heart. If she does not let it all out, it would easily affect her cultivation in the future. This time, he would stand by her in everything she chooses to do.
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