Chapter 801: The First Meeting (2)

    Chapter 801: The First Meeting (2)

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    "Grand Lord, I heard the elders discussing this with my own ears. The Young Lady's name is Gu Ruoyun."

    Ling Feng, unaware of what was going on, trembled in fright. Still, he gave the man in red an honest reply.

    The man in red loosened his grip and staggered back. Suddenly, he burst into laughter but no one could tell if he was crying or actually laughing!

    "Gu Ruoyun, it's her. It's actually her... How had I not realized this? She looked so much like Yu'er and her surname is also Gu. How did I not realize that she was actually my trueborn daughter?"

    It's no wonder!

    It makes sense now why I had ended up making that strange girl my adopted daughter! It makes sense why I kept feeling that sense of familiarity with that girl!

    As it turns out, it was all pre-destined in an unseen world! Due to our blood bond, I had wanted to get close to her.

    The funniest thing was, I never considered that the girl would turn out to be the daughter that I've bitterly yearned for!

    After all, my daughter was supposed to be on the West Spirit Mainland so how could she appear in a place like this? Simply because of this, I had not looked too much into it! If it had been not for the fact that both mainlands were far away from each other, perhaps I would have guessed Gu Ruoyun's true identity.


    The man in red raised his gaze and ordered sharply, "Find the Eldest Lady's whereabouts immediately. Do not return until you have news of her."

    Yun'er, I had let you slip away once so now, it's time for me to use all of my power. I will find you again!


    At the Xia family home.

    In the study, Xia Chuxue was in the middle of a discussion with Xia Ming. The sound of loud wailing suddenly interrupted them as a tiny body, resembling a glutinous rice dumpling, staggered into the study and immediately threw itself into Xia Ming's arms.

    Lu Chen followed closely behind. His face looked extremely gloomy and it was clear to see that he had met with something absolutely upsetting.

    "Ling'er, what happened?"

    Xia Ming's heart throbbed agonizingly at the sight of the burning red palm print on Xia Chuling's face. A murderous glint flashed in his eyes as he asked, "Who hurt you?"

    Xia Chuling began to sob even harder when she heard this as if she had suffered a great, divine grievance.

    Xia Ming's face turned cold. He lifted his head towards Lu Chen and asked, "Lu Chen, can you tell me the meaning of this?"

    "Uncle Xia," Lu Chen laughed bitterly, "Ling'er took a liking to a little boy a while ago and I tried to kindly persuade the little boy to play with Ling'er for a few days. I even offered to pay him for his time but to no avail. That little boy has a rude older sister. She said that even if we exchanged the lives of every member of the Xia family, it would not be enough for one second of her younger brother's rime. She then commanded her brother to hit Ling'er."


    Xia Ming's fist landed on the study table as a vein throbbed on the corner of his forehead. His entire face was enraged, "A great little girl who does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. She dares to say that the lives of the Xia family members cannot be compared to one second of her younger brother's time? She truly has no decency! However, Lu Chen, you have allowed another to bully Ling'er! Is this how you protect her?"

    Lu Chen's expression changed twice before he answered, "There were too many people around and I didn't want the Xia family to end up as a topic for gossip."

    Regardless of how willful Xia Chuling was, she was still considered young and ignorant. However, it would be unacceptable for him to do anything to that woman in public even if he had wished to do so. He could only take action in the dark! Otherwise, the Xia family name would be dragged through the mud!
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