Chapter 807: A Duel (3)

    Chapter 807: A Duel (3)

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    Mo Shangfei was astonished. He frowned as he stared at Gu Ruoyun's shadow.

    Miss Gu speaks as if she knows the Little Princess very well but I can confirm that prior to this, they've never met before!

    However, as he watched the green figure under the setting sun, Mo Shangfei could not help but feel peculiar.

    Her shadow feels all too familiar!

    Once, he wasn't sure when, at the Mo family gate, he would always stand at the main gate and watch that person as she left! Despite the many years which have passed, that person's image has always remained in his mind's eye, never to disappear.

    "Perhaps I'm overthinking?" Mo Shangfei shook his head and laughed bitterly, "Cousin has passed away. Besides, she doesn't look anything like her so how could they possibly be the same person? The only thing was, their temperament is kind of similar. Otherwise, my cousin would not have had such a deep friendship with her."

    To Mo Shangfei, it was this deep friendship which has spurred Gu Ruoyun to give them so much aid.


    At the Imperial Palace of Drifting Wind Country.

    In the study, a man dressed in yellow robes stared resentfully at the young girl in pink before him. He tried to find the words but was unable to say a thing.

    Qi Haoran sneered as he stared down at the young girl who was kneeling before him. His eyes flashed with a cold light.

    "Your Imperial Majesty, you have to grant me justice for this!"

    The person who had spoken was an old man dressed in white next to Qi Haoran.

    The old man looked absolutely arrogant. His elderly face was clearly enraged and he spoke as if he paid no heed to the middle-aged man on the highest seat.

    The middle-aged man looked embarrassed. He glared at the young girl in pink on the ground and spoke with a hollow voice, "Gao Shiqi, over the years, your powers have not shown any substantial improvement but your audacity certainly has. You've actually tried to elope with another man? However, on the basis of the fact that you actually came back, I will give you a lighter sentence. Guards, take the Little Princess and shut her away. She will await her marriage in three months!"

    The Little Princess became anxious. Her eyes grew red as she cried out stubbornly, "Imperial Father, I will never marry Qi Haoran!"


    Supreme Gao was so enraged that his face turned ashen. He pointed at the Little Princess and bellowed angrily, "Gao Shiqi, you dare to oppose a decree?"

    "I don't care, I'm not marrying him!"

    The Little Princess glared fiercely at Qi Haoran. She gritted her teeth as if she wanted to dismember him into ten thousand pieces.

    "Your Imperial Majesty."

    The old man smiled scornfully. His eyes were filled with anger as he said, "The Little Princess has opposed Your Imperial Decree and should be executed for treason!"

    Hearing this, Supreme Gao's expression changed. Regardless of the situation, He has loved this Little Princess since birth. If it had not been for the fact that the Crown Prince's life was at stake, He would never have chosen to sacrifice her. Still, if one asked Him to execute the Little Princess, He could not bear to do it.

    "Imperial Physician Qi, you're exaggerating. Shiqi may have acted dishonorably by opposing an Imperial Decree but she does not deserve to be executed. How about this, We will advise her. You need not worry."


    The old man scoffed, "Still, the Little Princess had eloped with Mo Shangfei of the Xia family. If this gets out, where will the prestige of my Qi name go? How can my grandchild be any worst than that brat? In family status, he is an orphan. In power, he may have formidable talent but he is young and is no match for my grandson! However, if You want me to clear the Little Princess of all responsibility, I can do that! Bring Mo Shangfei's head to me! I'm not willing to take this matter lying down!"

    Supreme Gao's expression became even more unsightly. I'm a Martial Supreme after all! While I may be placed in the lower ranks amongst the rest of the Martial Supremes, I still have the title of a Martial Supreme! This fellow is only a high-level Martial Honor yet he dares speak to me in this manner and to order me around!

    If it wasn't for his substantial skills in medicine which only the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian can surpass, I would never have lowered my head to beg him in this manner!
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