Chapter 812: Xia Mings Conspiracy (3)

    Chapter 812: Xia Ming's Conspiracy (3)

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    Supreme Gao was so enraged that he punched at a tree next to him. His eyes were filled with rage as he gritted his teeth, "Who? Who would dare harm Our Imperial Son? However, Imperial Physician Qi was convinced that Our Imperial Son is ill, how did it turn out to be sorcery?"

    "Imperial Father, do you really think that that Imperial Physician Qi is actually a good person?" The Little Princess laughed icily and exclaimed scornfully, "He has been treating Imperial Brother for so many days yet Imperial Brother's condition has not improved. He doesn't have any genuine talent! How could he be compared to Big Brother Mo's master?"

    Supreme Gao coughed and looked a little embarrassed.

    After all, Imperial Physician Qi's skills were second to the Holy Doctor so even he was unable to cure the illness, perhaps only the Holy Doctor can do so! The only thing was, the Holy Doctor's whereabouts was always unclear. Even if he could be found, he might not necessarily help them.

    So, Supreme Gao had chosen the only option he had!

    "Miss, you, Our Imperial Son, he..."

    "Don't worry, I've said it before, saving the Crown Prince will be the first betrothal gift that I will grant to the Little Princess on behalf of my disciple. Since I've said it, I'll do it!" A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes but she spoke with a calm voice, "After this, please prepare a few medicinal herbs for me. I'll administer the needles."

    "Alright, We will immediately send someone to make the preparations. How many days will you need to cure him?"

    "Three days!"

    Three days - a period of time with the most guarantee that Gu Ruoyun has given to herself! However, if the preparations for the medicinal herbs were sufficient, she was one hundred percent certain that she would be able to cure him.

    Supreme Gao was stunned. After all, Imperial Physician Qi had been treating the Crown Prince for the past few months but the only thing he could do was to stop the Crown Prince's health from worsening. He had still been unable to cure him completely.

    Somehow, this young woman is saying that she only needs three days?

    "Please have the medicinal herbs brought to me, I need to make preparations as well."

    A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she instructed steadily.

    "Servants!" Supreme Gao's heart shook as he ordered the eunuch and palace maiden who were standing behind him in a stern voice, "You will all attend to Miss Gu's errands. As long as she has a command, you may even use the Imperial treasury without obstruction!"

    The Little Princess stared at Gu Ruoyun as her eyes brimmed with emotion. If the Crown Prince could be returned to health, she will never have to marry Qi Haoran!

    This, to her, was the best news of all!


    "What did you say?"

    In the Xia family study, Xia Ming angrily hit the table and rose to his feet. His expression twinged treacherously as he asked, "Gu Ruoyun is the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian's disciple?"

    "That's right," Lu Chen nodded, "Previously, you had asked me to watch Gu Ruoyun's movements. I sent someone to follow her and they saw her enter the Imperial Palace. I then placed our Xia family spy who was assigned to the palace to make discreet inquiries. We ended up overhearing their conversation at the Imperial study."

    "No wonder. It's no wonder she had tried to defend the Holy Doctor, she's his disciple!" Xia Ming sneered and clenched his fist. His expression was now completely unscrupulous, "This explains how she had known Xia Ruoyun! However, I never knew that the Holy Doctor had accepted another disciple aside from Xia Ruoyun!"

    "Uncle Xia," Lu Chen's eyes turned eerily cold as hints of murderous bloodlust glimmered in his pupils, "Do you want me to send someone to kill her?"

    Xia Ming felt momentarily silent.

    After a pause, he shook his head as his eyes glinted, "There's no need! While we've planted enough evidence in front of Supreme Jin to frame the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian, I know that Supreme Jin is still rather dubious about the matter. This was why he has persevered so much to look for the Holy Doctor! We can use that woman to frame the Holy Doctor completely!"
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