Chapter 814: Xia Mings Conspiracy (5)

    Chapter 814: Xia Ming's Conspiracy (5)

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    "He's alright now." Gu Ruoyun lifted her head at Supreme Gao and said, "After this, you'll need to supplement him with nourishment and he'll soon be back to his usual self. However, if you do not find the person responsible for this sorcery, this might happen again."

    Supreme Gao frowned. Even if Gu Ruoyun did not mention this, he knows what to do!

    These culprits have such audacity, daring to harm the Crown Prince under Our very eyes!

    " Miss, you've saved the Crown Prince. If there's anything you want as a reward, We shall give it to you!"

    "I've said it before, saving him is a betrothal gift from me to the Imperial family on behalf of Mo Shangfei." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "Of course, if You really want to thank me, you can grant me permission to utilize the medicinal herbs in the national treasury whenever I please."

    "Haha, that's easy." Supreme Gao burst into laughter and produced a golden yellow jade token, "As long as you hold this piece of jade, you can go in and out of the Imperial Palace and the national treasury! If any medicinal herbs catch your fancy, take it straight away."

    Gu Ruoyun took the jade token unabashedly. She had coveted the national treasury of Drifting Wind Country and now that she has the chance, she would not let it go so easily.

    "Sister Gu," The Little Princess grinned as she stepped forwards and linked arms with Gu Ruoyun, "I didn't think that you'd be so amazing! You've really cured Imperial Brother."

    Gu Ruoyun was stunned when she heard how the Little Princess had addressed her. She then smiled, "That's nothing. In the future, I can teach Mo Shangfei as well."

    In her past and present lives, she did not have many close relatives!

    At the moment, she could not reveal her true identity to Mo Shangfei but she could utilize her status as his master to lend him a hand.

    "Shiqi," Supreme Gao's pupils were darting back and forth and he displayed an amiable smile on his handsome face, "Miss Gu is a newcomer, you and Shangfei should show her around."

    Perhaps it was because Gu Ruoyun had succeeded in curing the Crown Prince, even Supreme Gao's attitude towards Mo Shangfei has changed as well.

    So what if Qi Haoran was Imperial Physician Qi's grandson? Mo Shangfei was the grand disciple of the Holy Doctor! In the beginning, Supreme Gao may have been suspicious towards Gu Ruoyun's medical skills. When she announced that the Crown Prince had returned to health, this suspicion was lifted.

    Aside from the Holy Doctor and his disciples, who else would have been able to accomplish such a feat?

    If Shiqi marries Mo Shangfei, it would mean a rare stroke of luck for the Imperial family!

    "Alright," The Little Princess inclined her head and her tender little face brightened up with a charming smile, "Sister Gu, allow me to introduce my friends to you, alright?"


    Gu Ruoyun was stunned and glanced suspiciously at the Little Princess.

    "I know that you must really wish to meet some people, Sister Gu. I can have them announce a referral for you, Sister Gu. Perhaps if they know that you're a friend of Xia Ruoyun, they will become very close to you."

    The Little Princess was not aware that Gu Ruoyun had already met Xia Chuxue, Lu Chen and the others. Hence, she had naively thought that they could all be friends.

    Mo Shangfei wanted to speak but swallowed his words when he saw the look on Gu Ruoyun's face.


    Gu Ruoyun smiled. He did not know why but Mo Shangfei felt a sinister note in that smile. His heart could not help but tremble.

    "Sister Gu, you must know of the misunderstanding between the Xia family and Holy Doctor, perhaps we can use this as an opportunity to clear away this misunderstanding," The Little Princess rolled her eyes before she continued looking innocently at Gu Ruoyun, "I believe that the Holy Doctor was not the one who had killed Xia Ruoyun!"

    In the Little Princess' pure heart, she had always thought that it must have all been a misunderstanding between the Xia family and the Holy Doctor. Once a good explanation could be made, the Xia family would not be unreasonable and would certainly clearly investigate the matter once again.
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