Chapter 815: The Shameless Lu Chen (1)

    Chapter 815: The Shameless Lu Chen (1)

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    At the Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant.

    The Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant was the top restaurant in Drifting Wind Country. The interior decorations have an aristocratic atmosphere and this was also the gathering place for young aristocratic disciples.

    At this moment, the door of a compartment in the restaurant was pushed open. Lu Chen frowned as he turned around. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared before his eyes, causing his pupils to contract.

    "You've finally arrived, Little Princess."

    Upon seeing the Little Princess, a group of youths started to approach her. However, they all furrowed their brows when they noticed Mo Shangfei who had accompanied her.

    "Oh, isn't this Mo Shangfei of the Mo family? No! That's not right. The Mo family has been destroyed, you're merely the bodyguard of the Xia family. Haha!"

    Mo Shangfei immediately recognized and glared icily at the young man who had just spoken.

    That young man was the grandson of General Lin and also one of the Little Princess' suitors from a young age. Therefore, he obviously viewed Mo Shangfei, who always appeared by the Little Princess' side, with great hostility.

    "Lin Yue, you're being impudent!" The Little Princess' expression changed drastically, "You'd better watch your mouth, bear in mind that a loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble!"

    Lin Yue scoffed and swept a gloomy gaze across Mo Shangfei's face, "Mo Shangfei, a man should act like a man. What kind of happiness can a little bodyguard like you give to the Little Princess? You don't even have the right to give happiness to the woman you love, what privilege do you have to follow the Princess around?"


    The Little Princess threw a slap right across Lin Yue's face. Her originally naive and innocent little face was like ice, "Lin Yue, you have great audacity. If you say one more word, this Princess will immediately call for a meeting with General Lin and ask him how he has been educating his grandson!"

    Lin Yue's expression changed a few times. Amongst all his family members, he feared his grandfather, the Great General, the most. If his grandfather was to find out about this, he would be punished mercilessly.

    He took a deep breath at the thought of this and moved closer to Mo Shangfei. He pressed against his ear and spoke a voice so low that only the two of them could hear, "Mo Shangfei, if you're a man, don't hide behind a woman. Otherwise, wait until the next time when the Little Princess isn't around. I'll give you a good show."

    Mo Shangfei's expression had remained indifferent the entire time. He did not show any sign of anger at Lin Yue's words. In fact, he never even looked at Lin Yue at all since the very beginning. He completely acted like Lin Yue was invisible.

    Hindered by the Little Princess' presence, Lin Yue said nothing more as he then scoffed and went back to his seat. However, he continued to glare coldly and maliciously at Mo Shangfei the entire time. His eyes were completely filled with hatred and enmity.

    "Miss Gu, we meet again."

    Lu Chen smiled and walked slowly towards Gu Ruoyun. His handsome features were lit up with a warm smile.

    Nevertheless, when this warm smile appeared in Gu Ruoyun's line of sight, it seemed far too artificial to her and she could not help but frown.

    "Big Brother Lu, so you do know each other."

    The Little Princess' mouth opened in shock, "This saves me from having to make introductions. Ah, right. Since you both know each other, you should know that she's Xia Ruoyun's friend."

    Xia Ruoyun!

    That name caused a great sensation as it fell into the ears of the crowd.

    Of course, Xia Ruoyun's fame was not related to her talents or power. Instead, years ago, the Mo family had suffered a tragic extermination because of her. However, she then behaved like an ostrich and buried her head in the sand cowardly. Hence, her unfilial reputation for many years had spread far and wide!
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