Chapter 816: The Shameless Lu Chen (2)

    Chapter 816: The Shameless Lu Chen (2)

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    A fleeting light flashed quickly across Lu Chen's eyes before he hurriedly reverted to his warm gaze and looked at Gu Ruoyun. However, there was an agonized twist to the corners of his lips, "Miss Gu does not only share the same name as Yun'er, she looks very much like her. We had clashed previously but at that time, I was not aware that she was Yun'er's friend. Yun'er and I were once deeply in love yet she had cruelly cast me aside. So, when I saw how similar you looked to Yun'er, I could not help but want to get close to you, Miss Gu. I wonder if you would give me a chance?"

    When the group heard Lu Chen's statement, they began to analyze Gu Ruoyun seriously. Upon their observation, they indeed noticed that she seems to bear some resemblance to Xia Ruoyun. While their features did not look alike, her chilly mannerisms were pretty much identical to Xia Ruoyun's.

    However, no matter how they looked at it, they could not help but wonder why Lu Chen's words seem to sound like a declaration of his feelings.

    The Little Princess was also stunned. She blinked in astonishment as she stared at him suspiciously, "Big Brother Lu, don't you already have Older Sister Chuxue?"

    Lu Chen laughed bitterly and shook his head, "Chuxue is Yun'er's younger sister. I had loved her so deeply, how could I fall for her younger sister? I'm only taking care of Chuxue for Yun'er's sake so I have no other intentions towards her. I have only ever loved Yun'er alone. Perhaps Yun'er could not bear leaving me to suffer loneliness in this world so she has sent Miss Gu to appear before me to soothe my yearning. I can't betray Yun'er's painstaking efforts. Besides, I can't help but think of Yun'er each time I see Miss Gu."

    The agony on Lu Chen's face does not seem to be fake at all. If it were not for Gu Ruoyun's experiences in her past life, perhaps she would also have believed that Lu Chen had truly loved her deeply.

    "Sir Lu, you are indeed infatuated."

    No one knows who amongst the group seated there had spoken first. Soon, the voices of the others in the group began to chime in.

    "Such a man with deep devotion is certainly a rarity in this world. Xia Ruoyun has been dead for many years now yet he still yearns for her greatly."

    "That's right! The deeply infatuated Lu Chen would never have given this woman a second glance if her aura did not bear such a resemblance to Xia Ruoyun's. However, Lu Chen, you better think this through thoroughly. If you take this woman, you will lose your chance in allying with the Xia family through marriage. Tsk, tsk. Now that the Xia family is backed by Supreme Jin, not even the Emperor of Drifting Wind Country would dare provoke them as He pleases. Are you sure you want to do this?"

    Lu Chen lifted his handsome face and replied with a completely sincere look on his face, "Power and status... To me, Lu Chen, they don't even come close to the importance I hold towards the woman I love! Miss Gu, you were sent by Yun'er to me to help me out of my misery. Hence, in this life, I, Lu Chen, will never marry another unless that woman is you!"

    Power and status... To me, Lu Chen, they don't even come close to the importance I hold towards the woman I love!

    Gu Ruoyun really wanted to laugh when she heard those words.

    In my past life, who was it who had given up on Yu'er and I for the sake of power?

    Furthermore, he had dismembered Yu'er alive right before my eyes!

    Even now, she could still remember that man's words on that fateful day.

    He had said, "My dear Yun'er, I'm sorry... But I'm an ambitious man. Chuxue is the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda so she will become the strongest of this realm. Whoever marries her would then essentially own the world!"

    "Miss Gu, will you promise me?"

    Unwittingly, Gu Ruoyun smiled.

    Lu Chen's heart leaped when he saw her smile and look of complacency flashed in the corner of his eyes. He knows that women were just as perverted as men and no woman can resist the charms of a beautiful man.

    Furthermore, Lu Chen was still rather confident in his looks.
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