Chapter 817: The Shameless Lu Chen (3)

    Chapter 817: The Shameless Lu Chen (3)

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    Look here now, no matter how much this woman had previously pretended to be uninterested, she could not help but smile when she heard that I was willing to make her my wife! How much has she actually fallen for me that she would be so happy once I had said those words?

    "Marry you?" Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently as her eyes filled with mockery. She curled her lips and stared at the man before her, "You're willing to take me as your wife so I can't refuse you? Are you... Even up to par?"

    Lu Chen's initially complacent expression froze in place upon hearing those words. He could not believe his ears as he stared in shock at Gu Ruoyun.

    She has... Rejected me?


    No one is this world can resist my charms! It's absolutely impossible!

    I was merely loosening the reins for a better grasp, I've seen a lot of this sort of trickery from other women.

    "Miss Gu, I know what troubles you. There's no need to worry. As long as I'm willing to take you as my wife, I guarantee that no one will dare say that you are not worthy of me!"

    Gu Ruoyun grinned. Her clear and cold gaze was filled with scorn, "Don't you understand what I'm saying? I'm asking if you are qualified to marry me? Anyone who wishes to marry me must give the heavens and earth as my betrothal gift as well as all the realms as a go-between. Yet you, I'm afraid, will never fulfill these criteria in an entire lifetime."

    Lu Chen's face changed drastically and a cold light flashed in his eyes.  Heavens and earth as a betrothal gift as well as all the realms as a go-between? What a great mouthful!

    Who does this woman think she is? Does she think she could disregard everyone else just because she's backed by the Holy Doctor? How unfortunate, the Holy Doctor will end up dying by Supreme Jin's hand. By then, forget about me, not even a beggar would want to marry her!


    The Little Princess, who had kept quiet entire time, shouted loudly and shut Lu Chen up. She sent a complicated stare towards Lu Chen, pursed her lips and said, "Big Brother Lu, since Sister Gu does not wish to marry you, don't force her. We'd better start off our party today. After all, I've brought Sister Gu here to introduce her to all of you."

    Lu Chen steadied his emotions and smiled, "Little Princess, don't you worry. Yun'er has sent Miss Gu to console me. I won't hurt her."

    The Little Princess glanced at Lu Chen before she quietly pulled Gu Ruoyun and Mo Shangfei to sit beside her. She lowered her head and her thoughts were concealed from everyone else.

    Before the dinner party had gone on for too long, a group of young disciples had horsed around and ended it all. Of course, through this opportunity, Gu Ruoyun managed to grasp and understand the situation of Drifting Wind Country.

    At this time, as the sun was setting, the glow of twilight illuminated the Imperial City of Drifting Wind Country.

    In the quiet streets, the Little Princess paused in her steps as she asked, "Sister Gu, don't take what Big Brother Lu had said to heart."

    "I can ignore whatever he says"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled but her smile carried an icy-cold aura, "However, if he wants to provoke me, I see no reason to let him off."

    The Little Princess was momentarily stunned. She then laughed bitterly, "I don't know why but I feel as if Big Brother Lu has changed. He has become strange to me, or you could say, I've never really known him that well from the beginning."

    She lifted her gaze towards the magnificent sky and her fair little face was filled with agony.

    "Everyone thinks that I'm very naive. I am naive but I'm not foolish. Previously, I've always thought that Big Brother Lu was a pretty alright sort of person. However... How could one fall in love with another so easily if he was truly in love? Xia Ruoyun has been dead for more than six years now, it's possible that someone can fade from his memory in six years' time. If he has forgotten her and is in love with Sister Chuxue, I won't blame him either. Not many on this mainland would remain single for the rest of their lives for their dead lover."
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