Chapter 820: Qianbei Ye Returns (1)

    Chapter 820: Qianbei Ye Returns (1)

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    The silver-haired man was surprised when he noticed Gu Ruoyun as well. He then began to approach her.

    However, he could not help but overhear Lu Chen's arrogant an conceited remarks before he reached her. The expression on his peerlessly beautiful face sank gradually until his blood-red eyes clouded over with a gloomy light.

    Lu Chen felt a chill from behind him and automatically shivered. He slowly turned around and his astonished gaze fell upon the man who was standing behind him.

    Even as a man, he could not help but gasp in surprise to see that such a splendid-looking man existed in the world. That man's very presence in front of him made Lu Chen's air of superiority disappear. It was as if the man before him was a large ocean and he was merely the small prefecture of Bianfeng on the large ocean.

    "Who did you want to take as your wife?"

    Qianbei Ye curled his lips but the smile on his magnificently beautiful face contained an eerie chill.

    Lu Chen gulped but answered honestly, "Gu Ruoyun is in love with me and I'm also willing to take her as my wife, so..."


    Lu Chen did not see the man move, all he saw was a red light which slashed towards his lips. Instantly, his blood spurted out and dyed his face red.

    "Say that again, who did you want to take as your wife?" Qianbei Ye swept towards Lu Chen with an eerily cold smile on his face, "Don't worry, I won't raise a hand against you."

    It was true that he had not raised a hand against Lu Chen!

    When it comes to dealing with this person, Qianbei Ye could smash his bones into dust and leave him without a whole corpse all without having to use his hand.

    Lu Chen was so terrified that he could not speak. The man's aura was so intimidating that he trembled from his heart to his entire body! He felt that the man only needed two fingers to turn him into ash!

    "Xiao Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes softened as soon as she saw Qianbei Ye. She smiled gently and stepped forward, "What're you doing here?"

    "I'm taking care of a few things but I didn't think that I'd run into you." Qianbei Ye smiled before he lifted his arms and pulled her into an embrace. His long, slender fingers gently stroked the woman's hair as he said, "Yun'er, I didn't expect you to arrive on the East Peak Mainland so early. Also, what I really didn't expect was that I would meet you here. It seems that we are still a fated pair."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. Suddenly, she noticed from the corner of her eye that Lu Chen was trying to escape. A malicious light flashed in her eyes as she asked, "What's wrong, Lu Chen? Why are you leaving so soon?"

    "Lu Chen?"

    Upon hearing the man's name, the aura within Qianbei Ye's body began to stir. His expression looked exceedingly gloomy as his blood-thirsty eyes turned towards the man who was trying to escape, causing the air to turn icy and dismal.

    "He's Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen jumped in fright. His handsome face was ashen.

    He never expected Gu Ruoyun to be supported by such a powerful man! This man was simply too powerful, perhaps only Supreme Jin would stand a chance in battle with him! Therefore, he was now going to return home to discuss countermeasures with Xia Ming. No matter what, he will never leave this couple in peace!

    However, what Lu Chen simply could not understand was how this man had known his name. Besides, he could not recall if he had ever done anything irreconcilable to this man...

    "So what if I am?" Lu Chen gritted his teeth before he turned towards Qianbei Ye and scoffed, "I, Lu Chen, am now a member of the Xia family which is backed by Supreme Jin. Kid, you may be pretty powerful but do you think that you can defeat Supreme Jin?"
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