Chapter 821: Qianbei Ye Returns (2)

    Chapter 821: Qianbei Ye Returns (2)

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    Qianbei Ye glared icily at Lu Chen. With that one look, Lu Chen felt as if a fist had grabbed his heart and was twisting it fiercely. His face drained of color and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He then stared in shock at the red-robed silver-haired man.

    "Now that I know that you're Lu Chen, you'll not be leaving today."

    The silver-haired man slowly raised his hand and Lu Chen instantly fell into his grasp. His voice then rang out, echoing through the streets for a very long time.

    "Let the Xia family come!"

    He would never forget how Gu Ruoyun had died in her past life! She had been hurt by those she had trusted the most and was forced to watch helplessly as her younger brother was dismembered alive! Hence, he would never allow anyone who had harmed her walk free!

    "Yun'er, let's go."

    Qianbei Ye turned around and placed his hand on Gu Ruoyun's waist before they headed towards the tavern.

    The earlier scuffle had attracted a lot of attention and a few people hurriedly rushed to the Xia family home to report the incident. Most people in Drifting Wind Country knows of Lu Chen's relationship with the Xia family.

    Meanwhile, in the Xia family home, Xia Ming had been waiting for Lu Chen to return with good news when a frantic voice rang through the hall.

    "Master, Master, something bad has happened!"


    A man crawled and stumbled into the room. Before he could even stand, he anxiously exclaimed, "Sir Lu has been captured."


    Xia Ming slammed the table and rose to his feet. His face was an ugly sight to behold, "What did you just say? Who dares to capture a member of the Xia family?"

    "This subordinate is not sure either. Apparently, Sir Lu had been intertwined with a woman named Gu Ruoyun. Her man then showed up and took Sir Lu away. He even said that if you wish to see Sir Lu again, the Xia family members would need to personally come and carry him back!"

    Xia Ming's eyes flashed with malice as he scoffed and said, "What level of power does this man have?"

    "It seems that he's on par with Supreme Jin."

    On par with Supreme Jin?

    This means that Gu Ruoyun's man is a Martial Supreme as well?

    Xia Ming narrowed his eyes and a cold light flashed across his gaze, "Servant, summon the Eldest Lady. I will take him back later!"

    He's only a man!

    No man can escape his perverse nature!

    That woman, Gu Ruoyun, may be quite pretty but when compared with Chuxue, she's definitely inferior in looks. Besides, be it power, family or disposition, she is also a far cry from Chuxue. Hence, I will get Chuxue to entice the man into the Xia family.

    This way, neither she nor the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian would be able to escape their deaths!

    "Yes, Master!"

    The man hurriedly rose to his feet when he received the order and quickly went out of the study.

    Xia Ming fell silent as he stared at the magnificent sunset outside the study. The thoughts stirring in his shrewd and sinister eyes were a mystery...

    At the tavern.

    In an exquisitely furnished room, Gu Ruoyun poured a cup of tea before she slowly sat down. She gently raised her eyebrows before she turned towards Qianbei Ye and asked, "Tell me, why have you come to Drifting Wind Country? What's happened?"

    Qianbei Ye no longer held the icy and cruel air he carried in front of others as he faced the woman in green. Instead, his blood-red eyes were filled with joy.

    "I'm here to investigate something!"


    "I've heard that the Vermillion Bird is in Drifting Wind Country. You already have three of the Four Divine Beasts, this was the missing one." Qianbei Ye replied as he slowly savored the tea in front of him. His eyes gazed upon the woman before him with a smile.
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