Chapter 823: Qianbei Ye Returns (4)

    Chapter 823: Qianbei Ye Returns (4)

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    Qianbei Ye narrowed his blood-red eyes slightly as his red lips curled into a smile. No own could tell what his thoughts were.

    "Miss Gu," Xia Chuxue smiled as she stepped out from behind Xia Ming, "Perhaps you've misunderstood, we are all my older sister's loved ones. Why would we harm her? Perhaps some villain has purposely slandered the Xia family in front of Miss Gu. Miss Gu, please don't listen to that person's words. If my older sister knew that her friends and family members were fighting because of this, she would be very sad."

    Gu Ruoyun laughed icily, "Would you like me to explain it in detail? You, Xia Ming, in order to help Xia Chuxue obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda which was given to Xia Ruoyun by the old Master of the Xia family, had captured her mother and used her to force Xia Ruoyun to give up the Ancient Divine Pagoda. However, to save her daughter from threat, Xia Ruoyun's mother did not hesitate to kill herself and successfully helped her son and daughter to escape! Yet you, you heartless b*stard, had then destroyed the entire Mo family and only Mo Shangfei, who happened to be away, managed to escape this fate!"

    She paused before she continued, "But this was not the end. Xia Ruoyun, to avoid dragging her younger brother down with her, then sent Xia Linyu into Lu Chen's care. However, Lu Chen had long gone under your care and when you forced her to a cliff, you both dismembered Xia Linyu alive right before her eyes. He died without a whole corpse!"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Xia Ming square in the face as she spoke. His handsome face has now turned ten thousand times paler. He really wanted to know how Gu Ruoyun had managed to find out about all this and how she could have known it all in such detail.

    This is impossible!

    Xia Ruoyun is dead, how could anyone else possibly know of this matter!

    "Xia Ming, whatever humans do, the Heavens are watching. For sinning excessively, you will receive retribution!" Gu Ruoyun coldly shot him a look, "Very soon, retribution will come to the Xia family."

    Xia Ming stumbled. He shook his head as he stared in disbelief at Gu Ruoyun.

    Suddenly, as if he had just received some sort of stimulation, he burst into laughter.

    His laughter was unbridled and insane, it was also filled with absolute hatred.

    "So what if I've done all those things? It was that rebellious daughter, Xia Ruoyun, who had failed to recognize what was good for her! She disobeyed her father and bullied her stepsister! She even had the audacity to snatch away the treasure which was supposed to have been her stepsister's birthright, an absolutely seditious act! The Ancient Divine Pagoda was supposed to belong to Xue'er. Meteors had fallen from the sky and the sky lost its color on the day Xue'er was born, symbolizing that she is the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! However, Xia Ruoyun, who was also born on the same day, carried disaster in her bones and would bring misfortune to the Xia family!"

    The Oracle?

    Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin. How could I have forgotten about that person?

    "Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed and shot Gu Ruoyun a fierce glare, "Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the Ancient Divine Pagoda from that damned sl*t before she died! She was just as wicked as her own mother! If it was not for the fact that her mother was a member of the Mo family, I would never have married her! What a joke, I love Xue'er's mother alone. Only a kind woman like her is worthy of me!"

    "Xia Ming, since you have the guts to admit it, you won't be afraid if I was to announce this to the whole world?" Gu Ruoyun smiled and a sinister light flashed in her eyes.

    "Haha," Xia Ming laughed maniacally, "Gu Ruoyun, have you been overanalyzing? Do you think that people would believe you once you've spread the word? Right now, in everyone's eyes, I, Xia Ming, am a true nobleman who places love and loyalty above all! No one would believe that I would ever do such a thing!"
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