Chapter 825: Evidence (1)

    Chapter 825: Evidence (1)

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    Qianbei Ye slowly rose to his feet. The light from the setting sun cast a glow upon his silvery hair, rendering him a sight so magnificent and no one could turn away from.

    However, Xia Chuxue was only slightly moved. After all, her heart only beheld the aloof and sovereign monarch! Qianbei Ye might be more beautiful than Supreme Jin but he could not surpass the position that Supreme Jin holds in her heart.

    If it were not for her father's orders, she would never have wanted to do this.

    "What are you trying to do?"

    A hint of panic flashed in Xia Chuxue's eyes as she noticed Qianbei Ye walking towards her. Could this man have possibly fallen for me after hearing my words? No, I cannot devote my body to him! Aside from Supreme Jin, no one else can touch me!

    As she watched the man drawing closer towards her, Xia Chuxue completely forgot Xia Ming's orders. A ray of light enveloped her hand as she slammed it towards Qianbei Ye's chest.

    However, before she could get any closer to Qianbei Ye, a powerful force hit her squarely on the chest and her body flew out of the way. She spat out a mouthful of blood and her beautiful eyes glared at Qianbei Ye resentfully.

    "My heart already belongs to someone else so don't think of making me comply with you!"

    She stubbornly raised her little face and exclaimed, refusing to submit even if it meant death.

    Suddenly, the man approaching her laughed.

    His laughter was filled with ridicule and contempt while his blood-red eyes were filled with murderous intent.

    "Xia Chuxue, aren't you thinking a little too highly of yourself?"


    Xia Chuxue was shaken. She widened her pretty eyes and looked up at Qianbei Ye's peerless features that were now filled with disdain.

    "Even though I won't kill you now for Yun'er's sake, it doesn't mean that I'll spare you so easily."


    Xia Chuxue was just about to speak when she realized that the man had already made his move.

    A severe pain suddenly radiated from her chest. It was so agonizing that she screamed in pain but soon, she could no longer even scream. Her fair forehead was covered in a layer of sweat as she bit her lips and trembled.

    She hated him!

    She hated Xia Ming for making her come to a place like this! She hated him even more for leaving her on her own and causing her to endure such pain!

    Of course, at this moment, Xia Chuxue had completely forgotten that Xia Ming had asked her to leave with him but she had decided to stay behind and completely ruin and discredit Xia Ruoyun! Hence, the pain she was now suffering had been caused by no other than herself!

    "Don't worry, I won't let you turn into a good-for-nothing now. I will only make you feel the spiritual energy within your body slowly disappear until you become a good-for-nothing!" Qianbei Ye stared commandingly down at the woman who was lying on the ground. The smile on his lips was cold and eerie while his voice was bloodthirsty and cruel.

    A good-for-nothing?

    Those words were like a stroke of lightning which crashed down upon Xia Chuxue's heart.

    Power was everything to her! Without power, forget about Supreme Jin; not even Lu Chen would spare her a second look! That year, Lu Chen had betrayed Xia Ruoyun for the sake of Xia Chuxue's infinite potential.

    Yet now, she would slowly be turned into a good-for-nothing?

    Xia Chuxue's face drained of color but the most hurtful thing of all to her was the humiliation that Qianbei Ye had caused her!

    Her heart belongs to Supreme Jin so it was fine if she does not fall for this man. However, she felt that she was certainly far superior to this woman be it in character or looks!

    Why must he treat me so cruelly?

    After all, from a very young age, Xia Chuxue had always been surrounded by many young, talented people. It was fine if she does not like them but they must adore her! In fact, they had to place her at the center of their world!
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