Chapter 826: Evidence (2)

    Chapter 826: Evidence (2)

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    A hurricane rose and Xia Chuxue's body was instantly thrown out the door. She bit her lip as she crawled up from the ground, lowering her eyelids to conceal the cold light in her eyes.

    "Gu Ruoyun, your master, the Holy Doctor, had killed my older sister and now you want to kill the entire Xia family! I, Xia Chuxue, hereby swear that one day, I will kill you and avenge my poor sister!"

    Xia Chuxue's lips raised into a sneer but only for a fleeting moment as she saw a crowd of onlookers gather around her. Her pale face was then filled with sorrow and rage as if the people in that room were the ones who had actually killed her sister. She portrayed herself as the good younger sister who would avenge her older sister's death regardless of the consequences!

    "What? The lady staying in that room is the Holy Doctor's disciple? Furthermore, she is even viler than him! It was not enough for her to kill the older sister, she wouldn't even spare the younger!"

    "Xia Chuxue certainly values love and loyalty. The other one is the Holy Doctor's disciple so the Holy Doctor can't be too far away yet Xia Chuxue had charged right over. It's obvious that avenging Xia Ruoyun is more important to her, her life comes second."

    "Wouldn't it be great if I had a sister like that? How does a thankless wretch like Xia Ruoyun get such good fortune?"

    The sneer in Xia Chuxue's heart grew more pronounced when she saw the success of her schemes but she did not show it on her face.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I have no feelings whatsoever towards that man of yours yet he has fallen for me, how could I be blamed for that? I'm not at fault so why must you raise your hand to harm me? I know you were once friends with my older sister and I don't blame you for hurting my sister in the past for the Holy Doctor's sake. After all, my older sister had once protected you fiercely! On account of my older sister, I'll ask Supreme Jin to spare you. However, don't touch a single hair on the Xia family members' head. Our Xia family has always maintained that we would never attack unless we were threatened! If you cross the line, don't blame me, Xia Chuxue, for my lack of courtesy! I'll do anything to protect my family!"

    Xia Chuxue looked righteous and awe-inspiring as she scolded the couple in the room.

    Upon hearing her words, the crowd became aware of what had happened and sent looks of scornful looks towards the woman in green who was sitting on a chair in the room.

    "I've met shameless people before but I've never met anyone who would disregard her shame completely! The man she likes has fallen for the Eldest Lady of the Xia family, that's a problem between the two of them. The Eldest Lady Xia doesn't even like him so why drag an innocent woman down?"

    "Besides, it seems that this woman doesn't exactly have much power, I can't sense any energy fluctuations from her body at all. It's a wonder that the Holy Doctor would take in someone like her as an apprentice. She must have been using Xia Ruoyun! In order to win a discipleship with the Holy Doctor, she has even harmed her own friend! People like her should be punished with death!"

    "The incident that happened with Xia Ruoyun occurred six years ago. This woman should be about thirteen to fourteen years old at that time. She was so precocious at such a young age... With such great schemes. How very terrifying! She should not be left alive yet the Eldest Lady Xia is kind, choosing not to quibble with her on account of her sister. She doesn't know what's good for her!"


    Just then, a wave of energy crashed into Xia Chuxue's body. She toppled back and tumbled down the staircase. Blood began to spurt from her mouth nonstop! Her eyes were filled with hatred as she stared fixedly at the man in red who stood upstairs in front of the room.

    "Xia Chuxue, return and inform Xia Ming that within these few days, this Supreme One will give him a surprise."
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