Chapter 832: Master And Disciple Meet Again (3)

    Chapter 832: Master And Disciple Meet Again (3)

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    "Don't be hasty." Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze towards Bai Zhongtian, "I still need Xiao Ye to escort Yu'er back here. Master, there's another thing that I need your help in."

    "What is it?"

    "The Oracle, Tian Xing! I need to find his whereabouts! Master, it should be fairly easy for you to find a person through your personal contacts. I heard that this Oracle has left Drifting Wind Country many years ago to a foreign place so only you can help me."

    "Alright," Bai Zhongtian fell momentarily silent, "I'll help you find him now."

    "It's very much appreciated." Gu Ruoyun smiled before she turned to face Qianbei Ye. Her clear and cold eyes were filled with tenderness, "Xiao Ye, I'll wait for your return."

    Qianbei Ye smiled. His finger gently stroked Gu Ruoyun's hair as he replied gently, "I'll be back in three days' time. Yun'er, wait for me here."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded and was about to say something else but kept it to herself in the end.

    Three days!

    She was looking forward to seeing an entertaining look on Xia Ming's face in three days!


    In the study of the Xia family home, Xia Chuxue bit her lip as she stared at the middle-aged man in front of her with a pale look on her face.

    "Father, what should we do now?"


    She could not help but shudder when the words echoed in her heart.

    She never thought that she would ever be reduced to a good-for-nothing.

    "Initially, I never had any intentions of marrying you off to Lu Chen. After all, Lu Chen has no position and was not a distinctively magnificent individual. The only thing was, he knows far too much so I had no choice but to let him follow you around. In contrast, Supreme Jin's status and power is a great match for you. I had originally planned to let you marry him but now that you've become a good-for-nothing, I'm certain that Supreme Jin would not even spare you a second glance."

    However, Supreme Jin had never spared Xia Chuxue a second glance before anyway.

    Xia Chuxue's features became increasingly pale. She lowered her eyelids to conceal her piercing hatred!

    If it had not been for Gu Ruoyun and that man, I would never have been turned into a good-for-nothing! Nor would I have lost the right to become Supreme Jin's woman forever!

    "Xue'er, you were the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. I had thought that one day, the Ancient Divine Pagoda would return to you so Lu Chen's position was simply unfit then. Only a man like Supreme Jin deserves to be with you. After that, sooner or later, you would have stood at the apex of the mainland! Unfortunately, I had not anticipated this current outcome. You are already a good-for-nothing and you have no other use. Hence, the Xia family must save Lu Chen now and marry you to him."


    Xia Chuxue widened her pretty eyes. She then shuddered, "Father, you know that I only love Supreme Jin, I don't have any feelings for Lu Chen at all! Based on Lu Chen's position, he's not even a good match for me! I'm the most outstanding woman in the world and only the most outstanding man in the world like Supreme Jin is fit to be my husband."

    She was the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. How could a man with no position or talent like Lu Chen be a match for her?

    That was why she had looked down on Lu Chen from the beginning. In the past, she had only wanted to use him but had no intentions of marrying him.

    "Xue'er, it has come to this now. We must reduce our losses as much as possible! Lu Chen is indeed not as outstanding as Supreme Jin but he is far better than most of the young men of his generation! The only thing was that you were for too outstanding so you would never give him the time of the day! However, the current you no longer have the right to be arrogant so you can only lower your expectations. We have already lost the possibility of enticing Supreme Jin, we cannot lose Lu Chen as well!"
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