Chapter 834: Master And Disciple Meet Again (5)

    Chapter 834: Master And Disciple Meet Again (5)

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    "There's only one person who can claim to be the Holy Doctor's disciple." Supreme Jin put his teacup down before he continued, "Therefore, that person is not his disciple. I'm looking for the Holy Doctor, I have no interest in anything else."

    He has searched every nook and cranny of the Imperial City but he still could not find the Holy Doctor's whereabouts.

    Of course, the Holy Doctor was a Martial Supreme so if he wishes to hide, it would not be an easy task to locate him.

    "Big Brother Jin."


    Xia Chuxue suddenly knelt onto the ground and begged, "Big Brother Jin, please save me on account of my sister."

    Supreme Jin glanced at her indifferently, "What's the matter."

    "Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue raised her head and faced Supreme Jin. Her expression was utterly sorrowful, "A few days ago, I heard that the Holy Doctor's disciple had appeared in Drifting Wind Country. I went to investigate because I wanted to find more information about the Holy Doctor's whereabouts. However, the silver-haired man at her side took a fancy to me and wanted to make me his wife. That man is powerful and he should be around the rank of a Martial Supreme. So, to prevent that man from causing trouble for me, my father wants me to marry Lu Chen. As long as I am married, he would stop thinking about me but Big Brother Jin, Lu Chen has always been like an older brother to me. I don't want to get married, be it to the silver-haired man or Lu Chen. Please, Big Brother Jin, help me to escape this place!"

    Supreme Jin's had features remained calm the entire time and his golden eyes showed no sign of any emotion. He slowly turned around and looked out at the street outside the window before he coldly responded, "If the Xia family's lives were under threat, I will help. However, I won't help in other matters."

    Xia Chuxue raised her head in shock and stared at the man's handsome visage with sorrow.

    She never thought that this man would be so cruel. Has he been helping the Xia family only for Xia Ruoyun's sake?

    Why was it that she, Xia Chuxue, could never be better than a deceased woman?

    "Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue bit her lower lip as she slowly rose to her feet. Her eyes were filled with determination as she spoke, "Lu Chen is my older sister's childhood lover after all. No matter what, I would never have anything to do with Big Brother Lu. If you won't help me, Big Brother Jin, then I'll have to die to apologize to my poor sister."

    She had spoken with such emotion and sincerity that anyone who heard it would feel moved.

    However, Supreme Jin remained unmoved as he continued to stare at the world outside the window. It was almost as if he had not heard a word of what she had said.

    "Big Brother Jin, are you really going to treat me this way?" Xia Chuxue's eyes were filled with sadness, "Could it be that you're truly willing to watch me marry Lu Chen?"

    Supreme Jin finally responded. He turned around to face Xia Chuxue as he replied indifferently, "I've told you that this matter has nothing to do with me. Since Master Xia has made the decision, you should look for him. I have no way of meddling in your family's private affairs."

    Xia Chuxue felt as if a needle had just pierced through her heart. The agony was more than she could bear.

    From the first time she had seen this man, she had become deeply attracted to him. Hence, all these years, she had searched frantically for the Ancient Divine Pagoda all for the sake of obtaining the right to stand by his side and to become his wife.

    However, he now said that her marriage to another man has nothing to do with him?

    "Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue laughed bitterly, "Do you not know that you are the only one in my heart? Lu Chen was once my sister's lover and I would never dip my finger in that. Even though I had once admired him, I had buried my feelings deep down for the sake of my sister. However, after I met you, Big Brother Jin, I understood that my feelings for Lu Chen were not of love but attachment. I only love you and you alone!"


    Would a man like Lu Chen ever deserve her admiration?

    These words had been only for Supreme Jin's sake. She wanted Supreme Jin to understand that after all these years, her reluctance in accepting Lu Chen was not because she had not liked him but had all been for her sister's sake! Any man should treasure woman like her who values love and loyalty above all else!
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