Chapter 835: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (1)

    Chapter 835: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (1)

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    Supreme Jin frowned as his cold eyes slowly swept across Xia Chuxue's sorrowful face. He then spoke with an indifferent tone of voice, "If there's nothing else, you may go."

    To Xia Chuxue, these words were like a death sentence and caused her heart to sear with pain. She gently shut her eyes and when she opened them again, her pretty eyes had a bitter smile.

    "Big Brother Jin, I understand. If you're unwilling to see me, I won't ever appear before you again."

    She took one last look at Supreme Jin. Her gaze was full of reluctance as if she wanted to pull the man into her eyes.

    Any other man would not have been able to endure hurting a woman who has loved them as resolutely as this. However, this man had turned away as soon as he heard these words. His eyes then continued to look out into the bustling streets and no longer spared Xia Chuxue a second glance.

    Xia Chuxue clenched her fists tightly and turned to leave the private compartment. Her lowered gaze was filled with an immense unwillingness and a jealous hatred.

    "Xia Ruoyun, if it had not been for you, Supreme Jin would never have treated me with such indifference. Unfortunately, you're already dead so I have no way of taking my pain out by torturing you. I can only vent my fury on the people you care about!"


    At the Xia family home.

    Xia Chuxue stepped into the hall and stopped a random footboy, speaking in an icy voice, "You, bring Mo Shangfei to me."

    "As you command, Eldest Lady."

    The footboy hurriedly left upon receiving his orders. Not too long after, Mo Shangfei, dressed in martial attire, accompanied the footboy as he walked into the room.

    When she saw Mo Shangfei, Xia Chuxue's initially cruel expression slowly dissolved. She smiled gently as she asked, "Fei'er, you've been in the Xia family home for a very long time now, correct?"

    Mo Shangfei was stunned. "It has been six years." He replied with a frown.

    "Six years." Xia Chuxue smiled lightly before she slowly rose and approached Mo Shangfei, "During the past six years, you've stayed by my side and protected me. I'm truly grateful for your trouble so I'd like to give my faithful servant girl, Xiao You, to you as your betrothed. What do you think?"


    Mo Shangfei was stunned and his expression changed drastically, "This won't do, I already have a someone I love. I cannot marry any other woman!"


    Xia Chuxue's initially smiling face turned to ice instantly. Her eyes flickered with a cold light as she said, "Mo Shangfei, do you think that my servant girl's rank is insignificant so she's not good enough for you? There's no need for you to say anything else, the matter has been decided. In a few days, I will personally make preparations for your wedding. Consider it my reward to you for protecting me all these years."

    "My apologies," Mo Shangfei slowly closed his eyes. After a long pause, he opened them again and stared at Xia Chuxue as he said, "I'm afraid that I must betray your gesture of affection. My heart already belongs to the Little Princess, I won't marry anyone else but her."

    "Mo Shangfei," Xia Chuxue shook her head as she sighed, "You're no longer a young master of the Mo family. Do you think the Emperor would give His own daughter to you as your wife? I'm also unable to bear the sight of you enduring this agony in the end. What's wrong with my servant girl? If you were still a young master of the Mo family, her lowly position would indeed not be good enough for you. However, you are now a bodyguard of the Xia family. A bodyguard is well-suited for a servant girl who is more than enough for him. Even though we are not related by blood, you're my half sister's cousin so I must be the one to organize your matrimonial affairs!"
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