Chapter 836: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (2)

    Chapter 836: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (2)

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    What she meant was a mere bodyguard like Mo Shangfei could only be evenly matched with a servant girl. Yet, he was acting like a toad wishing to feast on swan meat by dreaming of marrying a princess! That was an idiot's dream!

    Mo Shangfei's expression slowly grew cold. He scoffed and replied, "Xia Chuxue, I am indeed very grateful to the Xia family for taking me in that year. However, this does not mean that I've been sold to the Xia family! I had agreed to become your bodyguard due to the Xia family's friendship towards me! This does not mean that you have the right to decide on whom I can marry!"

    "Mo Shangfei!"

    Xia Chuxue's eyes sank. She does not want to allow Mo Shangfei and the Little Princess' union to happen. Her main reason was because the Imperial family has great power and if Mo Shangfei really marries the Little Princess, he would no longer need to haplessly give his life to the Xia family! The other reason was because Mo Shangfei was related to that sl*t Xia Ruoyun so she would never allow him to marry the woman he loves.

    She wanted this man to suffer for the rest of his life by being denied to be with love of his life!

    If there was anyone that Mo Shangfei should hate, it would be Xia Ruoyun. It was her fault that he cannot marry the woman he loves.

    "Marriage has always been a match made by our parents' order and on the matchmaker's word! My parents are both dead, hence, I will determine my marriage on my own terms! You, Xia Chuxue, are only a person from my generation. What right do you have to make my decisions for me? Furthermore, to make me marry a servant girl?"

    "It is my right as your master!"

    The aura within Xia Ruoyun stirred as she glared at Mo Shangfei icily, "I'll ask you one more time, will you marry my servant girl or not! If you do not marry her, don't even think of leaving this place today!"

    "Hahaha!" Mo Shangfei threw his head back and laughed maniacally. His lips curled into a cold smile as he said, "Xia Chuxue, I had stayed in the Xia family to repay you for your benevolence. However, I never thought that you, who has always appeared kind in the eyes of the world, would actually display such amorality and conduct! Consider me, Mo Shangfei, to have been blind to your true nature in the past. That was why I had protected you for so long. Now, I declare that I want to separate from the Xia family and regain my freedom!"

    "Mo Shangfei... I'd like to see if you can actually leave today!"

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    Instantly, numerous figures swooped in from outside the room and surrounded Mo Shangfei in a tight circle.

    Mo Shangfei's lips curled upwards at the sight of the guards surrounding him. He smiled as he said, "Xia Chuxue, I'm disappointed in the Xia family's sincerity!"

    "Mo Shangfei, I'm doing all of this for your own good. You are being too rebellious!" Xia Chuxue smiled. She then issued a command to everyone, ordering them to move closer to Mo Shangfei, "The Little Princess will never marry you. In order to prevent your future suffering, I think it's better that I let you marry my servant girl. In Drifting Wind Country, you are only good enough for a servant girl! Perhaps you might hate me now but after a few years, you'll understand why I've chosen to do this today. By then, you will definitely thank me."

    Trying to escape?

    I'm afraid he won't have the chance!

    I've exposed my true nature in front of this man so no matter what, I won't let him leave!

    Bang !

    At that moment, a few Xia family guards were bodily thrown into the room, their bodies landing fiercely on the ground.

    Under the morning light, a flash of green robes fluttered against the gentle winds as a figure slowly entered the hall.

    Standing next to the woman in green was a young girl in pink robes. She noticed Mo Shangfei who was surrounded by the guards immediately and hurriedly rushed toward him, "Big Brother Mo, are you alright?"

    After she finished speaking, she then turned to face Xia Chuxue with an expression of sadness and disappointment. Xia Chuxue's expression too has expression had changed drastically.
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