Chapter 837: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (3)

    Chapter 837: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (3)

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    "Xia Chuxue, I never thought that you would turn out to be this way! I've always trusted you but what did you do? You're forcing Big Brother Mo to marry a servant girl and claimed that Big Brother Mo is only fit to marry your servant girl! If Big Brother Mo refuses to comply, you're going to imprison him! Could it be that your kindness and grace was all just for show? How much of the words you've spoken to me can I actually trust?"

    The Little Princess was feeling very sad. If Gu Ruoyun had not dragged her here to look for Mo Shangfei, perhaps she would never have seen this side of Xia Chuxue's true nature.

    "Little Princess, I..." Xia Chuxue's expression changed drastically. She never anticipated that the Little Princess would arrive at this time.

    "You don't have to say anything else." The Little Princess' eyes were filled with sadness and anger, "Previously, you had falsely accused the Holy Doctor of being Xia Ruoyun's murderer. I had defended you then, thinking that you had only misunderstood the Holy Doctor's intentions. However, now that I think about it, you did not misunderstand him at all! Perhaps the world does not know this but as the Lady of the Xia family, how could you not know that the Holy Doctor was Xia Ruoyun's master? Why would her master kill his own disciple?"

    Xia Chuxue's heart trembled fiercely as her beautiful face turned pale.

    She then turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun. At that moment, all the humiliation she had once suffered appeared in her mind's eye, causing the murderous intent within her body to thicken.

    "Gu Ruoyun, what grudge do you have against me? Why do you have to make life difficult for me every time?"

    That's right!

    It was always because of this woman that nothing good ever happens to me!

    If it had not been for her, the Little Princess would never have come here!

    "Since they're all here, they shouldn't even think of leaving."

    Suddenly, an icy voice was sounded from behind the crowd. Xia Chuxue lifted her head and when she saw the middle-aged man walking towards them under the sunlight, her expression became absolutely elated. "Father!" She cried out.

    Xia Ming looked at Xia Chuxue but did not say much. His malicious gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun and a sneer formed on his face.

    "What, Gu Ruoyun? That man had not come with you this time? You dare to walk into a trap without him by your side? Speak now, where is Lu Chen! If you tell me, perhaps I'll let you die with a whole corpse."

    Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips and shrugged her shoulders, "Are you trying to silence someone by killing them?"


    Xia Ming laughed maniacally and his laughter was filled with a blood-thirsty murderous intent, "That's right, I'm going to kill you all! Even though no one would believe you if you had told the world about the Xia family, that dog of an Emperor in the Drifting Wind Country is a bit troublesome. I don't want to provoke a Martial Supreme now so I can only silence you all by killing you."

    When she heard Xia Ming insult her father by calling him a dog of an Emperor, the Little Princess' face filled with anger. She never expected that the Xia family's pretense had run so deeply.

    If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed it either. The noble Xia Ming was actually a hypocritical villain!

    "Xia Ming, if you kill us, my Imperial Father will find out the truth. When that time comes, do you think that you can escape?" The Little Princess bit her lip and glared at Xia ming hatefully.

    Most of all, she was disappointed.

    She was disappointed in the true nature of these people. Also, if they were all really this hypocritical, who was the one responsible for Xia Ruoyun's death? She wondered.

    Suddenly, a possibility appeared in the Little Princess' heart. She quickly covered her mouth as her heart began to tremble.
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