Chapter 838: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (4)

    Chapter 838: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (4)

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    It should be impossible!

    Even a vicious tiger would not eat its own cubs. No matter how vicious Xia Ming is, he could not possibly be Xia Ruoyun's murderer! I must be overanalyzing things!

    "Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed coldly as he stared disdainfully at the Little Princess, "Do you think that I'd actually be afraid of that b*stard Emperor of Drifting Wind Country? I only find Him a little troublesome. Fear? Not really."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun went into deep thought.

    In the eyes of the world, Xia Ming only has one trump card in the form of Supreme Jin! However, in most cases, Martial Supremes of the same rank would never battle one another! Otherwise, no winner could ever be determined even if they had fought for three days and three nights.

    Therefore, for Xia Ming to say such a thing, that also means that the Xia family has another hidden trump card!

    "Xia Ming!"

    Mo Shangfei quickly stopped the Little Princess who was about to rush forward to discuss the matter with Xia Ming. He frowned and said in a deep voice, "This matter does not concern the Little Princess or Miss Gu. Let them go. I won't complain even if you kill me!"

    "Big Brother Mo," The Little Princess was anxious now and she hurriedly chimed in, "I won't leave you alone. Besides, no matter how powerful Xia Ming is, he's only relying on Supreme Jin's power. Since Supreme Jin isn't here at the moment, we might stand a chance to get out of this siege alive."


    Hearing this, Xia Ming cackled icily as if he had just heard a monumentally funny joke, "Little Princess, you think too highly of yourself! What makes you think that you can escape from here? I, Xia Ming, am more than enough to kill all three of you here! As for you, Mo Shangfei, I won't spare your life. I won't be sparing the ladies' lives either!"


    In a flash, Xia Ming charged towards Mo Shangfei like a sharp blade. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand and a cold light flashed across his eyes as he shot towards Mo Shangfei's neck.

    Xia Chuxue's entire face was plastered with a sneer. She folded her arms across her chest and stood aside as she stared icily at Mo Shangfei who was about to die by Xia Ming's sword.

    At the same time, a figure in green robes flashed past and appeared in front of Mo Shangfei. Her fine, dark hair fluttered gently in the wind. The woman in green, who was standing firmly in front of Mo Shangfei, raised her hand and blocked Xia Ming's sword.

    That was right!

    She only needed one arm to stop Xia Ming's sword.

    Xia Chuxue widened her beautiful eyes as she stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. This was then followed by a wave of panic and her face turned extremely pale.

    A mistake, this must be a mistake!

    Father has encountered many favorable circumstances over the years and has broken through to the rank of a low-level Martial Honor but this person had dared to catch a Martial Honor's sword with her bare hands? The energy from the sword alone would have been enough to cut her!

    However, not only has she managed to catch it, she seems to be unscathed!

    "I really like to see how you were going to make us stay."

    Gu Ruoyun's lips curled into a smile. The aura from her body then whirled out from the tip of her sword. With a loud crash, Xia Ming's body was sent stumbling back. He spat out a mouthful of blood and glared at Gu Ruoyun with an ugly look on his face.


    Suddenly, he chuckled softly and his smile turned exceedingly malicious, "Gu Ruoyun, I cannot deny that you are indeed a genius. For someone to be able to reach the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor at such a young age, you can be considered to have boundless possibilities. Unfortunately, you've underestimated your enemies. Did you really think that Supreme Jin was the only protector of the Xia family? Let me tell you this! Since you've stepped into this place, don't even think of leaving!"

    Aside from Supreme Jin's protection, the Xia family has another trump card unbeknownst to the world.

    That trump card was the Divine Vermillion Bird!
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