Chapter 840: The Truth (1)

    Chapter 840: The Truth (1)

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    When Gu Ruoyun and the others have left, Xia Chuxue quickly stepped forward and helped Xia Ming to his feet. She frowned and asked, "Are we going to let them go just like that?"

    "Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed icily and replied irritably, "What else should we do? I don't know what's happened to the Lord, I've called out to him twice but he never appeared! How could I have stopped these people alone? Since that's the case, we might as well let them leave."

    "What if this matter reaches the Emperor of Drifting Wind Country's ears..."

    "It's your fault for causing this mess!" Xia Ming turned around and glared at Xia Chuxue and a severe look flashed in his eyes, "Would this have happened if you hadn't tried to force Mo Shangfei to marry your personal servant girl? I know the hatred you feel for Mo Shangfei because he is a member of the Mo family. You hate Xia Ruoyun so naturally, you wouldn't like him either but did you ever consider how much of a genius Mo Shangfei is? I have been planning to use him to secure a marriage alliance and create benefits for the Xia family yet you had wanted to marry him off to a little servant girl? Even though I don't like Mo Shangfei either, based on his power, a servant girl is certainly not good enough for him."

    My daughter has always been clever and quick-witted, when on earth had she become so stupid?

    Xia Chuxue gently lowered her eyelids, concealing the cold light in her eyes.

    If it wasn't for Supreme Jin's contemptuous treatment towards me, I would not have vented my hatred for Xia Ruoyun on Mo Shangfei's head!

    "Father, I apologize, I know that I've done wrong."

    She took a deep breath at the thought of this and raised her gaze, "However, we've provoked Gu Ruoyun this time so she certainly won't release Lu Chen now. Therefore, the marriage between Lu Chen and I..."

    "No!" Xia Ming shook his head, "You must marry Lu Chen!"

    Xia Chuxue's heart shook tremendously and her beautiful face turned as white as a sheet. She clenched her fists tightly and slowly steadied her trembling heart.

    "Yes, I understand."

    She knows that whatever she said now would be of no use.

    Just because Xia Ming has pampered her so much over the years does not mean that he was being completely sincere. He had treated her well because of her talent and power. Moreover, she was also the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!

    She had long seen through his true intentions years ago!

    "Xue'er," When he saw how Xia Chuxue has finally agreed to marry Lu Chen, Xia Ming's facial expression changed for the better, "I'm going to visit the Lord Vermillion Bird for a while. If you have no other business, go and accompany your mother."

    He did not spare Xia Chuxue another look as he turned into a gust of wind and disappeared.

    Once his figure has disappeared completely, Xia Chuxue then made her way towards the rear courtyard in a muddle-headed manner. She was so dazed that she still had not regained her senses even when she had reached a bedchamber's door. Just as she was about to push the door open, she heard a voice coming from behind the door.

    "What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you? You must never show yourself in this place, ever! What if someone else found out that I had made you say those things years ago, then..."

    The voice was sharp and nervous, causing Xia Chuxue's finger, which was about to push the door open, to freeze in place.

    Her impression of her mother has always been one of a simple, elegant, tender, and virtuous woman. She never thought that her mother would ever sound so shrill but what was even more unbelievable, was that there was a man in her mother's room?

    Furthermore, the relationship she has with that man seems a little unusual.

    "Nana, we haven't seen each other in so many years. I happened to pass by over the past few days so I merely wanted to visit you. Besides, during that year, I had given up on my position as the Oracle for your sake. Do you truly not miss my old affections?"
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