Chapter 841: The Truth (2)

    Chapter 841: The Truth (2)

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    Those words hit Xia Chuxue like a thunderstrike on a clear day, causing her to stumble several steps back as her already pale face turned even paler. She could not believe it; her mother, who was her father's childhood sweetheart, had an affair with another man?

    "Tian Xing, get out! What if Xia Ming were to find out? We'd be finished!"

    In the room, Qiu Na's expression was full of panic as she quickly tried to push the Oracle out of the door. The Oracle, however, reached out and held her hands tightly instead with warmth and affection in his eyes.

    "Nana, don't you worry, I'll never let anyone know about us nor will I destroy the relationship between the both of you. Besides, aside from seeing you, my purpose in coming here is also because I wish to see our daughter. In the past, I had constructed such a lie in order to prevent our daughter from being abused in the Xia family. Unfortunately, that old man of the Xia family never believed in my words at all and even sent his men to secretly investigate me. Because of this, I had no choice but to flee to a foreign country. I had thought that I could return to this place after his death yet you keep trying to push me out the door. Nana, have I lost my usefulness to you that I can't even see you anymore?"

    Qiu Na's expression has become extremely pale. That year, when the old Master of the Xia family was still alive, he was a cultivator who was on par with Supreme Jin. Hence, she had convinced Tian Xing, the Oracle, to escape to a foreign country. However, no one expected old Master Xia to end up dying from a strange disease despite their best efforts to cure him. As old Master Xia was no longer with the Xia family, they were left with Xia Ming who was an incompetent expert cultivator!

    However, the Xia family now have Supreme Jin's help!

    They also have the terrifying Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird.

    Hence, Qiu Na had not dared to let Xia Ming find out the truth even now.

    "Tian Xing, I beg you, please don't show your face anymore, I..."


    Suddenly, the room's door burst open and Qiu Na's expression changed greatly. Her features contorted when she saw the woman in white in the doorway. She asked with a trembling voice, "Xue'er, what are you doing here?"

    Xia Chuxue laughed icily and glared at the adulterous couple in the room, "If I had not been here, I would not have overheard your conversation! Mother, do you not find that you're disgusting? To be able to do such a thing, you're nothing but a sl*t!"

    "Xue'er," The Oracle was still a little shocked over Xia Chuxue's appearance. When he heard her words, he could not help but frown, "Is that any way to speak to your mother? Don't you know how much difficulty she has had to endure over the years for your sake?"

    "You shut your mouth!"

    Xia Chuxue glared at him fiercely, "Get out immediately, I want you to leave the Xia family home now!"

    "Xue'er," Qiu Na gaped as she tried to speak but when she saw the hatred in her daughter's eyes, she felt as if a pot of cold water had just been poured over her heart, causing a penetrating chill to rush over her body, "I'm sorry, that year, it was your father who had first broken his promise. He had thrown me aside for the sake of obtaining the title of Young Master Xia and used all sorts of schemes to obtain Lady Mo's heart. I hated him for that. I then happened to meet the Oracle, Tian Xing, by chance and because of that, we got together."

    "However, I still loved your father. Hence, when he was willing to take me in as his concubine, I was absolutely delighted. I only understood the situation when I arrived in the Xia family home that that sl*t was the true Master of the Xia family and I was only a mere concubine!" As Qiu Na spoke, a hateful glare flashed in her eyes, "Even old Master Xia only recognized one daughter-in-law! He would always chase Xia Ming to that sl*t's bedchamber in the middle of the night! I was unwilling to be left in the cold so I once again had an illicit affair with the Oracle, Tian Xing. After that one time, I became pregnant with you."

    That year, it was Xia Ming who had made grand designs for Lady Mo in order to protect his position. However, Qiu Na had never blamed Xia Ming for it.
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