Chapter 842: The Truth (3)

    Chapter 842: The Truth (3)

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    He was the man she loved so how could she bear to even blame him?

    Everything that he does was right, everyone else was wrong!

    If it had not been for old Master Xia and that sl*t from the Mo family, she would have become the rightful Young Madam of the Xia family! It was because old Master Xia had proclaimed that whoever manages to gain Lady Mo's favor would then become the Young Master of the Xia family that the man she loved had let her go.


    Xia Chuxue shook her head and stumbled a few steps back, "I'm not this man's daughter. I'm the flesh and blood of the Xia family so how could I possibly be his daughter? I don't believe it, I'll never believe your blabbering nonsense!"

    "Xue'er!" Tian Xing's gaze darkened and he spoke in a stern voice, "If you were not my daughter, why would I have given the world that prophecy? What prophecy from the stars? Even though I am the Oracle, I don't have that ability and that prophecy had been solely made for your sake. As long as the Xia family believes that you are the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and that Xia Ruoyun was the embodiment of calamity, you'll take her place as the true Eldest Lady."


    Xia Chuxue was stunned. She stared at the Oracle Tian Xing and exclaimed, "What did you just say? Are you saying that the prophecy you've made, the one declaring that I'm the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda was for the sole purpose of helping me to gain my position?"

    "That's right," The Oracle Tian Xing nodded, "Actually, you are not the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and Xia Ruoyun is not the embodiment of disaster but I had no other choice. Unfortunately, old Master Xia had not been fooled by my words and still gave the Ancient Divine Pagoda to Xia Ruoyun. If you were truly destined for the Ancient Divine Pagoda, it would not have fallen into the hands of another."

    That also proves that the declaration of Xia Chuxue as the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda had been made to purely help Xia Chuxue.

    However, this revelation was like a bolt of lightning on a clear sky and it turned Xia Chuxue insane!

    "You're lying, you're both lying! I am the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! I am the most outstanding woman in the world! What right does she, Xia Ruoyun, have to steal what belongs to me? The Ancient Divine Pagoda should belong to me!"

    Xia Chuxue gripped her head tightly in her hands and crouched on the ground. Her body gently trembled as tears streamed silently from her eyes.

    When she found out that she had become a good-for-nothing, she had not become so desperate because, in the end, she believed that as long as she obtains the Ancient Divine Pagoda, she would have the chance to restore herself. However, were these people now telling her that the prophecy had been false?


    Qiu Na went to her and embraced the woman on the ground tightly in her arms, "Everything he just said is true. I had asked him to spread those words accordingly too. Otherwise, you would only remain as the daughter of a small concubine. What status would you have in the Xia family then? Besides, if I had not done it, do you think that Xia Ming would have killed Xia Ruoyun and her mother?"

    Xia Chuxue's body shook. She slowly lowered her hands and lifted her tear-stained face before speaking in a wretched voice, "Mother, what if Father finds out about this? After all these years, do you not understand what he's like? If he finds out the truth, he would not spare us!"

    A cruel and heartless person like Xia Ming would never be lenient on them simply because of his love for her mother! Most importantly, after so many years, even the deepest of affections would deteriorate! His wonderful treatment towards them in past... Was it not all because she, Xia Chuxue, was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda?

    If he ever finds out that this was all a lie, knowing Xia Ming, he would never let them get away with it!
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