Chapter 843: Setting Up False Charges (1)

    Chapter 843: Setting Up False Charges (1)

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    Qiu Na's heart trembled as she stared at Xia Chuxue's tear-stained face. She gently closed her eyes before slowly opening them again. Her gaze was filled with resolve as she exclaimed, " Don't worry, he won't ever find out about this in this lifetime. You are still the high and mighty Eldest Lady of the Xia family! No one can treat you with disrespect! Anyone who threatens you... Well, I'll take care of them for you."

    Xia Chuxue pursed her lips. At this stage, she knows that there was nothing else she could say for it would be useless. She could only think of how to keep this a secret!

    "You should leave."

    She stood up with her back facing the Oracle Tian Xing and spoke with an icy voice, "I don't want to see you and I will never acknowledge you as my father. I only have one father, Xia Ming! I am the flesh and blood of the Xia family and I'm not related to you in any way. You should leave now or I would have you captured and punished for breaking and entering!"

    The Oracle Tian Xing glanced at Xia Chuxue and sighed. He wanted to speak but stopped himself. In the end, he turned around and left without another word.


    Qiu Na gently lowered her eyelids and hugged Xia Chuxue 's trembling body tightly. A vicious light flashed in her eyes.

    "If you don't like him, I can send someone to kill him!"

    Xia Chuxue shivered as she stared in shock at Qiu Na's cruel expression.

    All this time, she was under the impression that her father had been the vicious and merciless one while her mother would always be warm, tender and ladylike. She never thought that this woman would have such a vicious heart as well.

    The Oracle Tian Xing had more than intimate relations with her, he had even helped her in a great many things. Now, for the sake of her own personal interests, she would have him killed?

    An icy chill emerged from the tip of Xia Chuxue's toes into her heart. Her body shivered from the sensation, she could not feel a shred of warmth at all.

    Father prizes his personal interests above everything else, Mother is the same.

    Why do I not have a single normal relative?

    Even though Mother keeps claiming that this has all been for me, in truth, this woman had only done all of this for her own sake.

    Xia Chuxue took a deep breath at the thought of this. It seems that she has to make some decisions for herself as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, once her usefulness runs out, she might end up like Xia Ruoyun and the Oracle Tian Xing.

    "Mother, I'm feeling little tired."

    Xia Chuxue steadied the turmoil in her heart and smiled, "Regarding the Oracle Tian Xing, I'll leave the decision to you, Mother. Xia Ming cannot find out about this, otherwise, we're both finished!"

    "Alright," Qiu Na smiled gently, "You go get some rest first. I'll make sure that the Oracle Tian Xing vanishes within a few days. His presence on this earth is far too dangerous. Once he's dead, no one will ever find out about this secret."

    Xia Chuxue took one last look at Qiu Na before she turned around and left the room. Therefore, she did not see that when she had turned away, Qiu Na's gentle expression immediately sank. The thoughts in her eyes were a mystery to the world.


    In a secret chamber, Xia Ming could feel the broiling air bursting from within, nearly roasting his body alive.

    He quickly dodged the flames directed towards him. A cold light flashed in his grim eyes.

    "Lord Vermillion Bird. Why did you not hear me when I had called for you outside?"

    A voice rang out from within the stone room, carrying a sneer, "Help you? Why should I help you? I asked you to find my companions but have you found them? You haven't brought me a single shred of news yet you wanted me to fight for you free-of-charge? Are you daydreaming?"
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