Chapter 844: Setting Up False Charges (2)

    Chapter 844: Setting Up False Charges (2)

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    Xia Ming took a deep breath to suppress the raging anger he felt in his heart. He then walked into the stone room.

    Upon entering the stone room, he saw a ball of red flames sitting on the stone bench. Its red eyes seem to burn with a raging flame. It was impossible to see the person who was enveloped in the burning flames.

    "Lord Vermillion Bird, are you going back on your word? We previously agreed that I would help you find your companions while you help me protect my family. How could you sit and ignore us in this manner?"


    The Vermillion Bird slammed its hand on the table, instantly splitting it half. The flames on its head shot towards the ceiling as it roared in anger, "You still have the audacity to speak? I f*cking asked you search for them but have you found them? You can't find my companions and you dare say that I've gone back on my word? Find my companions then come see me. Leave. I want you to leave immediately! I do not wish to see you horrible humans within my sight. Leave now!"

    Xia Ming already had a taste of the Vermillion Bird's explosive temper so he was not in the least bit angry, only his gaze deepened.

    "Lord Vermillion Bird, do you not know that I had called out to you because I've found your companions?"

    "What did you say?"


    Suddenly, a flaming hand reached out and pulled Xia Ming in front of the Vermillion Bird's eyes. At this moment, Xia Ming could clearly sense the burning aura from within the Vermillion Bird. The aura made him feel sluggish and his face flushed red.

    "Where are the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger? And that damned kid, the Black Tortoise. Tell me where they are!"

    A malicious light flashed in Xia Ming's eyes and he smiled icily as he replied, "An uninvited guest had arrived at the Xia family home earlier on. Your companions have fallen into her hands. I then summoned you but you had ignored me!"

    It was an excuse to frame Gu Ruoyun but then again, it was also quite true. The three Divine Beasts were in Gu Ruoyun's hands.

    "No," The Vermillion Bird shook its head, "You're lying. If my companions were that close to me, I would have sensed their presence but I had not sensed them at all, not even a bit. They weren't here."

    Spiritual beasts have always been sensitive to auras. Furthermore, the Vermillion Bird has the blood of a Divine Beast so as long as the Azure Dragon and the others were within a hundred meters nearby, it would certainly have been able to sense their presence.

    However, the Vermillion Bird certainly never thought that Xia Ming had absolutely no intention of letting it find its companions.

    Xia Ming knows very well that once the Vermillion Bird finds its companions, it would certainly leave the Xia family! The Xia family would then lose one of their trump cards. Hence, he had placed the Vermillion Bird in this secret chamber which had been constructed with special materials.

    This room prevented the Vermillion Bird's aura from being exposed to the outside world. Similarly, it would not be able to sense anything from the world outside as well.

    Of course, Xia Ming could never let it find out about this.

    "Lord Vermillion Bird, you may not know this but I've met this woman. I've witnessed her torturing a white colored tiger with my own eyes. She addressed the tiger as 'Yunyao'. In the beginning, I wasn't sure whether that white tiger was actually one of the companions that you've been searching for, Lord Vermillion Bird. Therefore, I've been furiously investigating during this period of time. In the end, I found out the truth and that woman arrived! She had locked that white tiger away long ago so why would she bring it here?"


    A raging flame exploded from the Vermillion Bird's feathers.

    "Who dares to lay a hand on my companions? Who is that woman? I'm going to make her pay right now!"
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