Chapter 847: The Wedding (1)

    Chapter 847: The Wedding (1)

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    "Have you heard? The Eldest Lady Xia of the Xia family is going to marry Lu Chen."

    "Tsk tsk. The Eldest Lady Xia is not only an exceeding beauty who could enrapture an entire city, she also has outstanding talent. Coupled with the fact that the Xia family is backed by Supreme Jin, Lu Chen has certainly received the better end of the bargain by marrying her."

    "Sigh, Xia Chuxue is both talented and good-looking. I had thought that only a man like Supreme Jin would be a good match for her yet I never expected her to end up with Lu Chen! It seems that Lu Chen has other intentions for hanging around in the Xia family. In the past, when he had approached Xia Ruoyun, I'm sure that it had all been because of Xia Chuxue."

    "That's right, even though Xia Ruoyun was more powerful and talented when compared to Xia Chuxue, she was far inferior when compared with her younger sister whenever it comes to their character and kindness. Any man who has met Xia Chuxue would not possibly look at any other woman! How unfortunate that such a tender and elegant woman is about to become someone's wife."

    In the tavern, due to the news that the Xia family had announced two days ago, the whole of Drifitng Wind Country had burst into a cacophony of discussion.

    When Gu Ruoyun emerged from her room, she could already hear the discussion coming from beneath her. She slowly curled her lips and a smile appeared on her delicate and pretty face.

    "Xiao Zixie, is today the day of Xia Chuxue's wedding ceremony?"

    Xiao Zixie, who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun, nodded, "It seems to be. What? Are you going now?"

    "Mm," Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced but her eyes were still as clear and cold as ever, "Master should be about ready and Xiao Ye will be returning soon. Let's leave for the Xia family home now! I wonder if they'll enjoy the congratulatory gift that I've prepared for them?"

    Without another word, she then walked down the stairs.

    At Xia family home, the front yard was as busy as a marketplace.

    A large, red symbol of joy had been plastered on the main gate. The chamberlain greeted each and every guest with a huge smile and registered their names on a piece of red paper.

    Lu Chen stared at the crowd who was coming and going about and his eyes filled with great excitement. He never thought that he would be able to take Xia Chuxue as his wife so soon! After all, this woman not only had looks that would make one drool, she was the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

    To have her as one's wife was equivalent to holding the world in the palm of one's hands.

    The smile on Lu Chen's handsome face grew even wider as if everything under the heavens and on the earth already belongs to him.

    Just then, an exceedingly festive flash of red appeared before his eyes.

    He gazed upon the woman who was gliding down with the support of a servant girl and could not help but gulp. A light of joy flashed in his eyes as he hurried forward to receive her, "Xue'er, let us bow before the heavens and earth."

    Once they have gone through the ceremony of worshipping the heavens and earth, they would officially be husband and wife.

    Xia Chuxue held Lu Chen's robes in a tight grip. Her exceedingly beautiful face which was hidden by a red veil was extremely pale. However, in the end, she nodded her head powerlessly.

    "Xue'er, to be able to take you as my wife in this lifetime... It is my greatest honor."

    Lu Chen curled his lips into a smile as he led Xia Chuxue towards the main foyer.

    As Lu Chen does not have any relatives, only Xia Ming and Qiu Na were seated in the seats of honor in the main foyer. They gazed at the bride and groom who were approaching them with a smile on their faces.

    "The first bow to the heavens and earth."

    Following the master of ceremony's booming voice, Xia Chuxue slowly shut her eyes. Her entire being was completely desolate. Oh, how she wished that that man would appear at the very last moment and take her away. Otherwise, after today, there would not be another chance.

    However, just as she was about to kneel, a grave and stern voice suddenly sounded from behind and caused Xia Chuxue's heart to shudder.
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