Chapter 848: The Wedding (2)

    Chapter 848: The Wedding (2)

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    "Apologies, this Supreme One had some business to attend to at the last minute which is why I've arrived late."


    Xia Chuxue yanked her red veil aside in one swift move. Her eyes were filled with excitement and anxiety as she stared at the golden figure who was descending from the sky. Tears streamed continuously down her face as she asked in a trembling voice, "Big Brother Jin, you've arrived?"

    He must be here to take me away. That's right, that must be it!

    I knew that Big Brother Jin could never bear the sight of me marrying another man.

    Supreme Jin slowly entered the main foyer as his cold and stern golden eyes glanced at Xia Chuxue without a single hint of feeling. His voice was as cold as ice and also sent a chill through Xia Chuxue's heart.

    "You are Yun'er's younger sister so I'm here to attend your wedding."

    Instantly, Xia Chuxue's face turned even paler. Her heart has never felt such disappointment as she gazed in sorrow at the man's handsomely chiseled features.

    "Big Brother Jin, you..."


    Xia Ming sensed that Xia Chuxue was about to utter something at an ill-timed moment and he hurriedly cleared his throat, stopping her from saying anything more.

    At that moment, Xia Chuxue regained her senses and mildly lowered her gaze.

    How could I have forgotten?

    I'm now merely a good-for-nothing, how could I ever be good enough for Supreme Jin? If I were to confess my love for Supreme Jin right now, I would then destroy this wedding! By then, I, who have lost all usefulness, would be cast aside by Xia Ming!

    Xia Chuxue slowly steadied her emotions as she thought of this. She then fought back the tears in her eyes and smiled.

    "I'm sorry, Big Brother Jin, I was too excited about having you here to attend my wedding ceremony so I was not able to contain myself..."

    Supreme Jin stood tall with his hands behind his back and did not say much upon hearing Xia Chuxue's words. He then quickly turned away and did not bother to even look at her again.

    "Let's continued the wedding ceremony."

    Xia Chuxue took a deep breath and slowly turned around. At this moment, no one knows the amount of hatred which burns within her heart.

    Would I have been turned into a good-for-nothing if it had not been for Gu Ruoyun? Would Big Brother Jin then act so coldly towards me? This was all that woman's fault!

    "Continue? I'm afraid that you won't be able to continue this wedding ceremony."

    Suddenly, an elderly voice sounded from outside the main foyer. That voice fell into every ear in the room and immediately caused an enormous commotion.

    "That... Isn't that the Holy Doctor? What is he doing here?"

    "Tsk tsk, there's going to be a good show now. Supreme Jin has arrived to attend the Xia family's wedding ceremony and even the Holy Doctor has arrived as well! However, the whole world knows that Supreme Jin is currently hunting the Holy Doctor. Why would he so boldly show himself here now?"

    "Hehe, I wonder who's going to win when the Holy Doctor and Supreme Jin fight?"

    Supreme Jin was silent. He did not say a word as if he was unaffected by the debate amongst the crowd.

    His gaze fell upon the figure in green standing next to the Holy Doctor and an almost undetectable glint flashed in his eyes.

    "Father, Mother." Xia Chuling immediately spotted Xiao Zixie who was next to Gu Ruoyun. Her large eyes blinked as she pointed at him and said, "It's the boy that I liked the last time, that's him. I want him to play with me. Buy him for me, please?"


    Hearing this, the crowd could not help but exclaim.

    Even though they had no idea who the purple-eyed little boy was, since he had followed the Holy Doctor into the room, he must have a more than average relationship with the Holy Doctor! Yet Xia Chuling of the Xia family had demanded to purchase someone on the Holy Doctor's side?
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