Chapter 850: The Wedding (4)

    Chapter 850: The Wedding (4)

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    If one was to say that the first part of Gu Ruoyun's sentence could stun a person, the next part of her sentence was like a stroke of thunder on a clear day which exploded directly above their heads.

    Based on everyone's knowledge, the Holy Doctor had been responsible for Xia Ruoyun's death!

    However, no one knows that Xia Ruoyun had been the Holy Doctor's disciple! If that was the case, why would the Holy Doctor kill her?

    "I know."

    A complicated look appeared in Supreme Jin's eyes, "That's why I would like to know the truth behind this matter."

    Honestly speaking, he does not believe that the Holy Doctor was responsible for murdering Xia Ruoyun either. Hence, he had wanted to find the Holy Doctor so he could find out the truth. If the Xia family had been telling the truth, he then would kill the Holy Doctor and avenge Yun'er at all costs!

    "You should leave, this really isn't a place for you." Supreme Jin looked at Gu Ruoyun, "Otherwise, if I actually find out that the Holy Doctor was the true culprit behind Yun'er's murder, I will kill him! When that time comes, I might accidentally injure you."

    "Lord Supreme Jin!"

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to speak again, a sneering voice spoke, "How could this be false? The Xia family had investigated the matter for over six years before we managed to discover the truth. Xia Ruoyun had indeed been murdered by the Holy Doctor. As for this woman, she was an accomplice! It was she who had helped the Holy Doctor to secretly assassinate Xia Ruoyun in order to receive his good graces! It's true that the Holy Doctor was Xia Ruoyun's master. It's because of this very reason that his actions were all the more despicable! He had killed his own disciple for the sake of personal gain, can a man like him even be considered human?"

    "Are you sure?"

    Supreme Jin redirected his gaze from Gu Ruoyun towards Xia Ming. At that moment, there wasn't a shred of emotion in his cold and stern stare. His voice was as cold as the inside of an icebox.

    Xia Ming was mildly shocked. He did not understand what he could have said to provoke such a sudden change in Supreme Jin's attitude.

    "Of course it's true!" Xia Ming steadied his emotions and nodded, "I can confirm that these two were the culprits behind my poor daughter's murder."

    "Xia Ming, you're certain that she had helped the Holy Doctor to harm Yun'er?" Supreme Jin pointed at Gu Ruoyun as he questioned with an emotionless face.

    If this had been the start of the matter, he would still have believed Xia Ming's words. However, upon hearing the latter's words, his heart was filled with disappointment.

    Amongst the Martial Supremes, Grand Lord Hong Lian was ranked as the best of the best. His name was even included in the mainland's Wind and Cloud Register! Furthermore, he was the only Martial Supreme to have his name on that list! Hence, would Gu Ruoyun, as Grand Lord Hong Lian's adopted daughter, even need to curry favor with the Holy Doctor?

    One was a high-level Martial Supreme, the other was merely at mid-level. The two simply could not be compared!

    Even though the Holy Doctor was considered as the number one physician in the mainland!

    "Xia Ming, you're certainly adept at shifting the blame!" Bai Zhongtian burst into laughter as he cast a disdainful look at Xia Ming's face, "That year, for the sake of helping Xia Chuxue forcibly take the item which old Master Xia had entrusted to Xia Ruoyun prior to his death, not only had you murdered Xia Ruoyun's mother, you had even destroyed the entire Mo family and then forced my disciple to become homeless. She wasn't even able to attend her own maternal grandfather and mother's funeral! Hence, she had been treated with scorn for six years while both Xia Chuxue and you have enjoyed flattery! Over the course of these six years, I've been investigating the Xia family for the sake of bringing justice to my disciple. You grew afraid so you used Supreme Jin in a plot to have me killed! Haha, I'm sure you never expected that I would appear right in front of you."

    Bai Zhongtian was not afraid of Supreme Jin for if they were to fight, no one could be sure who would emerge as the victor. However, he does not wish to be entangled in a senseless fight! If he really wanted to go against Supreme Jin, both parties would suffer heavy losses and he would not be able to avenge his disciple at all.

    That was the reason why he had been hiding from Supreme Jin all this time!
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