Chapter 851: Unmasking The Truth (1)

    Chapter 851: Unmasking The Truth (1)

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    The noisy main foyer instantly became quiet.

    The guests looked at each other in dismay. Their eyes were filled with surprise, it was obvious that they were unsure if Bai Zhongtian had been speaking the truth.

    "Hehe," Xia Ming chuckled with a sneer. His lips then curled into a scornful smile, "Bai Zhongtian, stop your venomous slander. You even dare to spew such baseless statements! Xia Ruoyun was my daughter born from my own flesh and blood. Why would I want to kill her? However, it's a good thing that the eyes of the world are clear. I believe that everyone here knows what kind of person I am! It was you who had colluded with this woman to harm my poor daughter. Now, you want to shift the blame onto someone else! Let me tell you that with the honored guests and Supreme Jin present today, you have no chance of getting away with your malicious scheme."

    Bai Zhongtian shrugged his shoulders. He then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked with a grin, "Disciple, where is the wedding present that you've prepared for Xia Chuxue?"

    Gu Ruoyun had never said a word since the beginning of this altercation. Instead, she had been observing Xia Ming's expression. Now, upon hearing Bai Zhongtian's voice, she smiled indifferently and with a flip of her hand, displayed a sparkling and translucent jade ornament in her palm.

    "This is the congratulatory gift that I've prepared for the newlyweds Xia Chuxue and Lu Chen. I hope that you, the members of the Xia family, will like it."

    When they heard this, the eyes of every guest turned to look at Gu Ruoyun's palm and a disdainful expression crept up on their faces.

    "It's merely a jade ornament and the Xia family has plenty of these. Is it possible that the high and mighty disciple of the Holy Doctor is gifting them something so common?"

    "Even though the workmanship on the jade ornament isn't too shabby, unfortunately, this gift is far too ordinary. I had been expecting some sort of grand present instead."

    "It's also a good thing that the Master of the Xia family has a pretty good temper. He had managed to keep his composure in the face of such humiliation. If it were me, I would have flipped out long ago! Now, she's even using a jade ornament as a congratulatory gift. Isn't that just saying that the Xia family is now so poor that they can't even afford a jade ornament?"

    Gu Ruoyun maintained a serene smile on her face despite hearing the whispers laced with mockery from the crowd. She then slowly transmitted a sliver of spiritual energy from the palm of her hand into the jade ornament right before the crowd's eyes.

    A smug and fierce voice rang out from the jade ornament...

    "So what if I've done all those things? It was that rebellious daughter, Xia Ruoyun, who had failed to recognize what was good for her! She disobeyed her father and bullied her stepsister! She even had the audacity to snatch away the treasure which was supposed to have been her stepsister's birthright, an absolutely seditious act! The Ancient Divine Pagoda was supposed to belong to Xue'er. Meteors had fallen from the sky and the sky lost its color on the day Xue'er was born, symbolizing that she is the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! However, Xia Ruoyun, who was also born on the same day, carried disaster in her bones and would bring misfortune to the Xia family!"

    "Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the Ancient Divine Pagoda from that damned sl*t before she died! She was just as wicked as her own mother! If it was not for the fact that her mother was a member of the Mo family, I would never have married her! What a joke, I love Xue'er's mother alone. Only a kind woman like her is worthy of me!"

    "Gu Ruoyun, do you think that people would believe you once you've spread the word? Right now, in everyone's eyes, I, Xia Ming, am a true nobleman who places love and loyalty above all! No one would believe that I would ever do such a thing!"


    At this moment, the atmosphere in the main foyer had grown very quiet. Thus, that familiar voice echoed clearly in everyone's ear.

    Even Xia Ming himself was in shock. His face almost immediately turned so pale that he looked like he does not have a single drop of blood left in his body.
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