Chapter 852: Unmasking The Truth (2)

    Chapter 852: Unmasking The Truth (2)

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    "Gu Ruoyun, it goes without saying that you've made sufficient preparations before coming here." Xia Ming quickly recovered and laughed icily as he said, "However, I think you should ask the person that you've hired to imitate my voice to show himself. Haha, what an absolute joke! Do you think that just because you've produced that device, you could prove that I've killed my own daughter? I, Xia Ming, have never confessed to such a thing. You can forget about framing me!"

    Xia Ming certainly does not believe that there could possibly be anything on this earth which could record voices. He reckoned that someone had imitated his voice from behind the scenes. Even though these were indeed his own words, as long as he does not admit to it, would these people be willing to believe him or this woman?

    The crowd immediately began to dive into a debate. Just then, a cold and stern voice slowly spoke.

    "If this Supreme One is not mistaken, that jade ornament is the mythical Auspicious Divine Jade! It is ranked as one of the best amongst the divine weapons. It does not have any abilities in battle but it has a rather mystical attribute. It can use spiritual energy to seal a person's conversation within the jade. After that, one only needs to transmit one's spiritual energy into the jade to replay the recorded voice."

    This meant that this particular conversation was indeed a recording of something Xia Ming had once said, preserved in the Auspicious Divine Jade.

    Xia Chuxue's expression changed greatly in one split second. She stared in sorrow and disappointment at Supreme Jin's increasingly cold and severe features.

    She could not believe that Supreme Jin, who had been friends with the Xia family for so many years, would desert the Xia family at a time like this and help this woman.

    However, at this moment, Xia Chuxue had completely forgotten that Supereme Jin had protected the Xia family only for Xia Ruoyun's sake! After realizing that the Xia family was behind Xia Ruoyun's murder, why would he continue to help his own enemy?

    "What does Supreme Jin mean? Didn't Xia Ming say that someone was imitating his voice from behind the scenes? Why would Supreme Jin, who has always helped the Xia family, accuse Xia Ming now?"

    "Hehe, could it be that you've forgotten? Supreme Jin doesn't have much of a relationship with the Xia family. All these years, he has been helping the Xia family simply because of his friendship with Xia Ruoyun, whom he would have risked his life and limb for. Besides, according to Supreme Jin, it seems that Xia Ming has indeed confessed and his confession had been secretly recorded. That means that he's the true culprit behind Xia Ruoyun's murder."

    "Xia Ming himself had said so earlier on that a tiger, though cruel, will never devour its cubs. This slap in the face will leave a large swelling on his face soon! I've never expected that the Master of the Xia family would turn out to be such a hypocrite. Clearly, I've misjudged him!"

    Xia Ming staggered back as his features completely drained of color.

    If someone else had made this statement, he would still have some room to make a retort. However, against with Supreme Jin's statement, these people would never believe Xia Ming no matter what he said!

    The most hateful thing of all was the damned girl, Gu Ruoyun, who had completely drilled him into place! Despite having a cunning mind throughout his lifetime, he has actually fallen into the palm of that little girl's hands!


    Suddenly, Xia Ming laughed maniacally. His laughter contained a hint of misery, "That's right, it's true. I killed Xia Ruoyun!"


    The crowd had not expected Xia Ming to admit to it in such a straightforward manner. The confession pretty much served as an explosion that put everyone in a daze as they stared at him foolishly.

    "Father!" Xia Chuxue's expression changed greatly. Why is father confessing so quickly? I can pretty much forget about obtaining Supreme Jin's heart as a result of this!

    However, Xia Ming does not seem to hear Xia Chuxue's voice. He closed his eyes sorrowfully then slowly opened them again.
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