Chapter 853: Unmasking The Truth (3)

    Chapter 853: Unmasking The Truth (3)

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    "And so what? Do I not feel agony after killing my own daughter? I had no other choice!" Xia Ming looked extremely wretched as if his heart was truly breaking over Xia Ruoyun's death. "All these years, I've never forgotten her and have always lived in great agony every moment of the day! Do you know the truth behind what actually happened? That year, that rebellious daughter had joined forces with the Mo family and tried to kill Xue'er and her mother!"

    "What did Xue'er ever do? Simply because of the Oracle's prophecy that she was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Xia Ruoyun had ganged up with the Mo family and raised her hand against Xue'er and her mother all for the sake of obtaining the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Even my own father had ended up dying by their hand! What's wrong with me trying to exact vengeance for my own father? Where is my sin in trying to protect my own daughter? If a rebellious daughter like her was allowed to walk this earth, how many would continue to die by her hand?"

    Xia Ming looked bitter as his face displayed great sorrow.

    "Yes, it's true that I had said those things mentioned by the jade ornament but I had been goaded into it as well! Every time I think of how Xia Ruoyun and the Mo family had murdered my father, how she wouldn't even spare the kind and gentle Xue'er and her mother... My heart would fill with rage! That's why I had said those cruel things, it was because I was so angry!"

    "Father, say no more." Xia Chuxue threw herself in front of Xia Ming. Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head, "We've already discussed this previously, leave some dignity for Older Sister since she's already dead. It's time to forget about all this, don't let the world curse at her anymore. She's still my sister after all. How can I bear to leave her with such an evil reputation? Besides, during that year, I had mentioned that if older sister truly wishes to kill me, let her kill me. If my death could bring her conscience back, I would die with no regrets."

    Gu Ruoyun curled the corner of her lips, smiling as she watched the father and daughter echo one another.

    If she was not that evil woman that they were slandering, perhaps she would have been blinded by their act as well.

    Similarly, Supreme Jin continued to observe the two with an icy look in his eyes. His expression was devoid of any emotion as he cooly watched the father and daughter who were embracing each other and bawling.


    Xia Chuxue had slowly turned around and approached Supreme Jin. She then knelt down, raising her tear-stained face towards him as she spoke remorsefully, "Big Brother Jin, I'm sorry that I've lied to you all these years. The true culprits behind my sister's death were the Xia family! The reason why I did not tell you the truth was because my sister was too good of an actress and had always deceived you with a mask. I could not bear for you to find out about this so if you really want to avenge my sister, kill me instead. It's only right for me to meet my sister in hell and apologize to her."

    Once she finished speaking, she closed her eyes. Her pale, white face looked calm and unafraid of death.

    Xia Chuxue still felt very confident when it comes to Supreme Jin. This man would never have the heart to hurt her after interacting with her for so many years! Besides, everyone now knows that it was Xia Ruoyun who was in the wrong. Supreme Jin would never raise his hand to hurt a person without clarifying the truth.

    However, Xia Chuxue had obviously viewed herself too highly.

    Supreme Jin slowly raised his hand and aimed it straight at Xia Chuxue's head.

    The slap was so swift and fierce that one could feel a gust of wind building up along with it. Xia Chuxue could feel it even with her eyes closed.


    Lu Chen's expression changed greatly as he appeared in front of Xia Chuxue in a flash, quickly pulling her into his embrace.


    The hit landed on Lu Chen's back and caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. His handsome face has completely drained of color. At that moment, all he could feel was an intense pain in the internal organs of his body as if they were all being crushed by the sheer force of that one hit.
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