Chapter 855: The Xia Familys Destruction (1)

    Chapter 855: The Xia Family's Destruction (1)

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    Xia Chuxue's expression changed drastically. Could it be that Bai Zhongtian knows of the relationship between the Oracle Tian Xing and my mother? Is that why he had dared to say such things?


    That's not possible!

    The Oracle Tian Xing has been assassinated, Mother had sent someone to make sure of that! Aside from the both of us, no one else should know about that affair.

    Xia Chuxue's demeanor returned back to normal as she displayed a frosty smile on her elegant face.

    "Bai Zhongtian, you can stop deceiving others now. I am the genuine Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and this was a prophecy made by the Oracle. Could it be that you would not even believe in the Oracle Tian Xing's words?"

    "Hehe, perhaps the Oracle Tian Xing has formed an alliance with you which was why he had spread a rumor like that."

    Bai Zhongtian curled his mouth as he declared disdainfully.

    "Disciple, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to play the conversation?"

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Bai Zhongtian but she did not speak. Her gaze then fell upon Xia Chuxue's sneering face as she gently raised the corners of he lips, "There's someone else here and I wonder if you're acquainted with them?"


    Xia Chuxue shuddered, "Gu Ruoyun, what are you framing me for this time?"

    "Master, let him step out first. I'm sure that he has something to say to Xia Chuxue and her mother."

    Just as the last syllable was spoken, a snow-white figure emerged from outside the crowd. Xia Chuxue and her mother, who were initially in a state of disapproval, both froze in place instantly when they noticed that figure. Qiu Na had quickly clasped her hands on her mouth and was trembling so violently that she could not speak. Her eyes were filled with dread and fear.

    He's still alive!

    This man is actually still alive!

    That's impossible! The men that I had sent to assassinate him clearly told me that they had killed him so how is he still alive?

    Unless those men had lied to me?

    "Eh, isn't that the Oracle Tian Xing? Even though the Oracle Tian Xing doesn't have a lot of power, due to his prophetic skills, he has received high regards from His Imperial Majesty. It was quite sad that he had to leave a few years ago so what's he doing here now? Furthermore, based on the conversation between the Holy Doctor and the others, it seems that the Oracle Tian Xing had some sort of relationship with Madam Xia."

    The spotlight was now on Xia Chuxue and her mother. The crowd was feeling even more suspicious, unable to comprehend the relationship between the Oracle Tian Xing and the two women.

    However, the Oracle Tian Xing's next statement pretty much clarified their suspicions.

    "Qiu Na, you are truly cruel! That year, you had come to me, begging me to help you to concoct such a lie for the sake of our daughter, Xia Chuxue. In the end, I even left Drifting Wind Country for your sake and now, to prevent the world from finding out about us, you even sent someone to kill me. What a waste of all the painstaking efforts I've done for you."

    The Oracle Tian Xing shook his head disappointedly. Once he found out that Qiu Na had sent someone to hunt him down and have him killed, the love he had felt towards this woman has completely disappeared. All that was left was hatred!

    She was indeed a poisonous woman! This woman would stop at nothing to achieve her goals!


    This statement exploded like a stroke of thunder on a clear day into the minds of everyone present.

    Xia Ming, who had initially intended to fly into a rage, was completely dazed. His face was now as livid as a pork liver as he stiffly turned to face Qiu Na. He glared at her with an ugly look on his face as he asked, "Is the Oracle Tian Xing speaking the truth? Is Chuxue is your love child? As for the matter regarding the Ancient Divine Pagoda, had you collaborated with each other to deceive the world? Qiu Na, tell me, is this true?"

    To Xia Ming, the most important matter at hand now was whether Xia Chuxue was the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda or not rather than the fact that his childhood sweetheart was an adulterous woman.

    The great sins he had committed long ago, his actions in killing Xia Ruoyun and her mother without hesitation, had all been because of Xia Chuxue's status as the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!
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