Chapter 856: The Xia Familys Destruction (2)

    Chapter 856: The Xia Family's Destruction (2)

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    Qiu Na's face was now completely white. She knows that it was all over for her the moment the Oracle Tian Xing had appeared!

    At this moment, her mind was completely blank. She could not even think.

    "Father, what are you saying?" Xia Chuxue laughed icily and turned towards the Oracle Tian Xing, "Just because he's making claims doesn't prove that Mother has betrayed you. How could I possibly be his daughter? I am clearly the flesh and blood of the Xia family! This is true without a doubt! He must have been bribed. What proof does he have for his excuses?"

    As she spoke, she glanced at Gu Ruoyun but saw the latter waving the jade ornament in her hand at her. She felt her heart instantly contract but she quickly regained her senses.

    Previously, her father's statement had been recorded because he had been goaded by this woman in front of her! However, Gu Ruoyun had not been present at all when her mother had confessed about her relationship with the Oracle Tian Xing. Thus, they could not possibly have any proof!

    "I've said it long ago. Knowing how shameless these Xia family members are, they would never admit to the sins they've committed." Bai Zhongtian rolled his eyes, "You no longer need to say anything else to these people. Show them the proof, it's also a good way to show the Xia family's true nature to the public!"

    Xia Chuxue smiled cooly as she watched Gu Ruoyun disapprovingly. However, when she heard the voice which sounded from within the jade ornament, the color on her face changed immediately.

    There were initially two voices from the jade ornament. A third voice then interrupted the conversation and it was pretty obvious who that third voice belongs to.


    Qiu Na immediately fell to the ground. She then stared at the Oracle Tian Xing in utter disappointment.

    She hated him!

    She hated this man for having had a one night stand with her and to side with outsiders at a time like this!

    However, Qiu Na never considered how she had previously treated the Oracle Tian Xing. If she had not sent someone to assassinate him, she would not have ended up disappointing him and caused him to feel vengeful towards her.


    Xia Ming immediately returned to his senses and charged towards Qiu Na. His large hand reached out and grabbed onto her neck fiercely. Veins bulged from his forehead as he exclaimed savagely, "Explain this to me, honestly, is Xia Chuxue the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda?"

    Qiu Na opened her mouth and tried to speak but realized that her throat was unable to make any noise. Her initially pale-white pallor was now flushed red as she stared pleadingly at the enraged man before her.

    She hoped that this man would spare her on account of their many years of marriage.

    However, to someone like Xia Ming, power holds a far greater position above everything else. Why should he spare her now that he has found out that he had been toyed with for someone else's pleasure?

    "No!" Lu Chen held his head tightly in his arms and wailed in anguish. He slowly closed his eyes because the searing pain had now warped his features.

    I had murdered the woman that I loved deeply with my own hands for Xia Chuxue!

    I thought that as long as I married Xia Chuxue, I could have the world! What was wrong with giving up on a woman for the sake of that?

    He now knows that he had been deceived! Even more than that, he had murdered the woman he loved for the sake of it!

    Regret, guilt, and an endless amount of hatred began to envelop his heart. Suddenly, as if seized by a bout of insanity, he charged towards Xia Chuxue and slapped her tightly right across the face.

    "Xia Chuxue, you had lied to me! All of you had promised me that as long as I helped you kill Xia Ruoyun and aided you to obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda, you would marry me immediately. However, not only had you made me wait six years, you've also been lying to me for six years! Hahaha! I, Lu Chen, am an idiot. I had actually believed in your words! You, a person who would harm her own sister! As for you, Xia Ming! You're not any better either. That year, old Master Xia had not believed in the Oracle Tian Xing's prophecy and insisted on giving the Ancient Divine Pagoda to Xia Ruoyun. For Xia Chuxue's sake, not only had you schemed to murder Xia Ruoyun, you had not even spared your own father. After all, if old Master Xia were still alive, how would you ever have the chance to anything to the mother and daughter?"
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