Chapter 859: The Xia Familys Destruction (5)

    Chapter 859: The Xia Family's Destruction (5)

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    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    Instantly, all eyes had turned towards Xia Ming and their gazes were filled with mockery and ridicule.

    This fellow is truly a dog who can't stop himself from eating ** , the crowd thought in unison . He just loves to sow seeds of discord wherever he goes! He has even hoodwinked the naive little Vermillion Bird and spewed such sentimental sap like how spiritual beasts should not be used as a human's shield? How could this man, who had killed his own daughter, have any empathy for a spiritual beast who is completely unrelated to him?

    Does he think that the people of the world are so easily fooled?

    Xia Ming's brain was momentarily unable to process this.

    What does the Lord Vermillion Bird mean by this? He wondered.

    This elegant woman in yellow robes had been abused by Gu Ruoyun? However, at that time, I had clearly told the Lord Vermillion Bird that Yunyao, the White Tiger, was the one being abused.

    Wait a minute?

    White Tiger Yunyao?


    Xia Ming's expression now drained of color and terror filled his eyes.

    "Chi, who on earth has been captured?"

    Suddenly, an azure light appeared from Gu Ruoyun's body and appeared in front of the eyes of the crowd.

    The man was an extremely handsome sight to behold. His features were as sharp as a sword and his eyes were like those of an eagle's. Each move he made was filled with the demeanor of a king. Behind him was an old man with white hair and a white beard. However, this old man's face was smooth and unwrinkled. If one got rid of the beard, he could easily pass as a handsome young man.

    The Vermillion Bird's eyes clouded over as the flames on its body gradually diminished. Soon, the flames died out and a small child appeared before everyone's eyes.

    Before seeing the Vermillion Bird's human form, the crowd had all thought that it was an adult male or female hidden within the flames. However, now that its human form has been revealed, they could not help but feel shocked.

    That furiously violent, domineeringly noble Vermillion Bird was actually a... Little lolita?

    Especially that soft, supple little face which was so luscious that everyone was tempted to take a bite. Her flame-shaped red eyes were filled with tears as they stared tearfully at the three people before her.

    "Leader, Lingxiao, you're here too? Sob, sob, I've missed you all so much."

    When she finished speaking, the little lolita quickly ran towards the Azure Dragon and the others. The tear-stained look on her face made everyone forget her earlier awe-inspiring appearance.

    "Leader, Yunyao, Lingxiao, I've been searching for you all for so long and so bitterly too. There were a lot of humans who had tried to capture me as well. When I met Xia Ming later on and followed him, he promised me to help find you all but I didn't think that you would all really be here."

    Chi wiped the tears from her face but did not forget to send a fierce glare towards Gu Ruoyun.

    "Leader, has this woman been bullying you? Don't worry, I've recovered half of my power so I can avenge you all now!"

    "Chi!" Tianqiong's expression sank and he replied sharply, "You are not to be impertinent to the Master! Who told you that Master has captured me and threatened Yunyao?"

    Chi's fire-shaped eyes filled with suspicion but she pointed honestly at the severely pale-faced Xia Ming.

    "He had said that. He told me that he had witnessed all this with his own eyes. He even said that this woman had once declared that spiritual beasts are only meant to help shield humans from danger when they are fighting against their enemy! I only wanted to save all of you."

    Chi curled her lips, it was this kind of notions that most people had which had brought about her hatred towards humans.

    "Xia Ming," Tianqiong's chilly glare was like a sharp sword made of ice as it bore into Xia ming's being. He raised his head and stared commandingly down at him as he said, "Not only have you slandered my Master time and time again, now you've even caused a misunderstanding between my friend and my Master. You have indeed crossed the might of the Four Divine Beasts! Even though I have yet to fully regain my powers, I am more than capable enough to kill you on my own!"
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