Chapter 866: The Xia Familys Destruction (12)

    Chapter 866: The Xia Family's Destruction (12)

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    Gu Ruoyun laughed. Her soft laughter rang in Xia Ming's ears, making him feel absolutely terrified.

    No wonder... No wonder from the first moment I've laid eyes on this woman, I had a very strange feeling.

    She's actually Xia Ruoyun!


    Gu Ruoyun spoke slowly. Her voice rang throughout the main foyer like the sound of thunder, once again causing their hearts to tremble.

    What had she just called that young man?


    Could it be that he's Xia Linyu?

    Xia Ming's face was now both grey and white, his expression was filled with desperation. Never in a million years did he ever think that Xia Ruoyun would return and that even Xia Linyu would still be alive!

    "Yu'er, for everything that Lu Chen has ever done to you that year, you can now double it and return it all to him!" Gu Ruoyun gently raised her gaze, "I have enough pills on hand so even if he's only left with a single drop of blood, I can bring him back to life. You may abuse him however you wish!"

    During these past six years, Gu Ruoyun was not the only one who had lived in hatred.

    It was the same for Xia Linyu!

    He would never forget the heart-wrenching agony he had suffered as he watched his own arms and limbs being torn from his body before his eyes. However, what truly broke his heart was the heartbroken and desperate look in his sister's eyes. Those eyes were forever carved into his memories and he would never be able to forget them.

    "Yu'er, you're Yu'er?" Lu Chen widened his mouth as his throat made a suffocated croaking noise, "Yu'er, spare me on account of the care I had once give to you, I really don't want to die!"

    Xia Linyu's pupils scanned Lu Chen's pale features. His delicate face showed no emotion as he spoke in a voice dripping with a hatred which could nibble away at one's bones. His every word slowly echoed throughout the large and empty main foyer.

    "My older sister had witnessed my mother's death yet you had murdered me in front of her! Lu Chen, tell me, why should I spare you? I will never spare anyone who has made my sister cry!" Xia Linyu laughed icily before he turned towards Xia Ming and spoke emotionlessly, "Xia Ming, didn't you once say that you would turn your back on a good-for-nothing like me? You even said that only Xia Chuxue alone was your flesh and blood and that I was only a burden! However, it's too bad that Xia Chuxue was not born from your blood so you have already decided to die without descendants!"

    Xia Ming's body shook slightly and he slowly closed his eyes. He never thought that the daughter whom he had showered with love for so many years would turn out to be someone else's b*stard child.

    Now, each time he thought of this, he would feel as if a sharp knife was piercing through his heart. It was such an agonizing and unbearable pain! More than anything else, he would have the great urge to choke that sl*t, Qiu Na, to death!

    "Die without descendants, hehe." Xia Ming laughed. His laughter was mixed with an immeasurable amount of desolate misery. He turned towards Xia Linyu and said, "I never thought that I, Xia Ming, after bumbling along for so many years, would actually end up with nothing in the end. I had killed my own flesh and blood for the sake of a b*stard daughter! Yu'er, Yun'er, I know that you both harbor a deep hatred towards me in your hearts. However, during that year, I had been blinded by the lies of others. Furthermore, by the bond of blood, I am still your father no matter what. This will never change so do you wish to commit patricide?"

    Xia Linyu knitted his delicate brows together but just then, a voice carrying a cold laughter sounded.

    "Patricide? Wasn't that something which you had once done?" Gu Ruoyun smiled. However, that smile did not reach her eyes. Her clear, cold and dark eyes were awash with a faint cold light, "Thus, I don't mind doing the same thing to you."
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