Chapter 875: The First Citys Messengers (3)

    Chapter 875: The First City's Messengers (3)

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    The man in red quickly burst out the door like an explosion of flames and rushed towards the Xia family home.


    At the Xia family home.

    Countless figures have appeared in mid-air in front of Gu Ruoyun. The leader of the group was a man dressed in green robes. Even though he had rather average-looking features and was the type of person who would blend into the crowd, his aura was like the incomparably sharp blade of a sword.

    "Are you Gu Ruoyun?"

    The man in green robes observed the woman beneath him before he turned his gaze to the bodies scattered around the main foyer. He frowned as he asked, "Did you kill these people?"

    A somber look which Gu Ruoyun had never shown before appeared on her face. Her clear and cold eyes were completely calm as she replied icily, "That's right."

    "Hmph!" The man in green scoffed frostily, "You are a citizen from the West Spirit Mainland yet you dare present yourself on the East Peak Mainland and kill our citizens? How about this, I want you to come with us now."

    I was worried  about finding an excuse to take this woman away but who would have thought that she would give me such a good opportunity!

    "Who are you?" Gu Ruoyun's eyes sank. These people know that I'm from the West Spirit Mainland? On this entire mainland, no one else but Master should be aware of this.

    The man in green sneered, "We are from the First City!"

    'The First City', these thunderous words shocked Supreme Gao and Supreme Jin who had been rushing over from two different directions.

    It's really them, they are from the First City!

    Indeed, aside from the First City, who else would have the ability to mobilize so many Martial Supremes? The leader, the man in green's power should be at the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme and was only one step away from becoming a Martial Saint!

    Supreme Jin frowned and shot a complicated look at Gu Ruoyun. He simply could not understand how this girl had managed to provoke the people of the First City.

    "Ahem." Supreme Gao cleared his throat and said, "Lords of the First City, Miss Gu is a guest of Drifting Wind Country. What sin has she committed to have caused such a powerful turbulence amongst you?"

    "Sin?" The man in green swept his eyes towards Gu Ruoyun and he replied arrogantly, "These people are far too cruel! If we don't get rid of people like this, it would certainly bring great calamity upon the mainland. The members of the First City have always prioritized justice for the mainland, we will not allow such demons to walk amongst us alive."

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes have grown increasingly dark.  If I remember correctly, the First City is the enemy of my godfather!

    Could it be that they've come for me to use me against Godfather?

    Otherwise, Gu Ruoyun would never believe why an organization like the First City would barge into the Xia family home and cry for justice! After all, on this mainland, only the powerful are kings. Anyone without power would simply become their stepping stone!

    "Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun sensed the eerie, cold aura stirring next to her and caught Qianbei Ye's hand in a tight grip. A murderous intent flashed in her clear, cold gaze, "Can you defeat them?"

    Qianbei Ye took one look at the crowd in the sky and nodded, "I can."

    "Good," Gu Ruoyun smiled, "I've mentioned that I would help Godfather to exact his revenge. Even though my powers are not strong enough at the moment, it is my goal to destroy the First City! They have hurt my godfather and caused my godmother to go missing. This is one debt that I must collect!"
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