Chapter 877: The First Citys Messengers (5)

    Chapter 877: The First City's Messengers (5)

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    A brilliant bloom of vibrant red robes floated quietly in the middle of the sky like a bright sun. There was a cold and grim smile on the man's handsome face. His dark, deep-set eyes were like a sharp sword, chilly and fierce.

    The man in green raised his head and stared straight into the man's cold eyes. His heart instantly trembled. This was probably the only man here who has the ability to fill him with dread.

    He never expected this fellow to make an appearance in Drifting Wind Country.


    As she gazed upon the man in red who was standing in mid-air, Gu Ruoyun's clear, cold gaze slowly displayed a sense of warmth. The corners of her lips curled into a small smile, "You're here?"

    "Yun'er, don't worry. As I stand here today, I'd love to see who would have the audacity to lay a finger on you!"

    His voice was noble yet domineering. The man gently raised his chin and stared down at the crowd beneath him like a ruler over his people.

    The man in green knit his brows. He had thought that this job would be completed easily yet he never expected Gu Tian to find out about this and arrive so quickly. With him around, he might have to let this woman go for the time being!

    "Gu Tian, don't think that the First City is afraid of you. I admit that your powers have grown rapidly over these past few years but so what? The First City has yet to dispatch our truly powerful forces! If you still continue to make an enemy of us, you will know the consequences. We're leaving!"

    As the proverb says, a wise man submits to circumstances. Even though he and this man were both high-level Martial Supremes, their difference in power was far more than a small measure. Even if each and every one of them were to attack, there was no guarantee that they would be able to defeat this madman.

    Otherwise, Gu Tian would never have caused such a huge headache to the First City!


    The man in green's words exploded like a stroke of lightning in their ears. Gu Ruoyun's mind was instantly blown and a blank look appeared on her face as she stared in astonishment at the grim, red figure in the sky.

    "You... Are Gu Tian?"

    No wonder this man had given off such an intimate feeling of kinship,  she thought. He's the loved one that I've been looking for all this time! The funniest thing was, I wasn't even aware that my father was standing right in front of me.

    The man lowered his gaze and looked at the woman's shocked face. His grim features softened and filled with remorse and affection.

    "Yun'er, I'm sorry, I had not recognized you back then. If I had known who you were then, I would never have let you leave without saying goodbye."

    Just as he uttered the last syllable, Gu Ruoyun suddenly rushed towards him and threw herself into his arms. She hugged the man in red with all her might and exclaimed in a trembling voice, "Father, I knew it, I knew that you and Mother were still alive on this earth. I've finally found you and my trip to the East Peak Mainland was not a waste after all."

    The man in red lowered his eyelids and smiled gently. Under the light of the setting sun, his grim features were shrouded in a faint glow. His eyes were like gentle pools of water as if he could drown her in all of his love.

    "The years have been hard on you. From now on, you will stay by my side, I won't let anyone hurt you!"

    Yu'er, I've finally found our daughter. Furthermore, she is such an outstanding woman. Where are you now?

    The man in green glanced at the father and daughter who were locked in their embrace before he signaled to leave. However, he failed to notice the look which the Grand Lord Hong Lian had shot at him as he turned to leave.
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