Chapter 878: The First Citys Messengers (6)

    Chapter 878: The First City's Messengers (6)

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    That look was unlike the warmth he had just shown Gu Ruoyun. His gaze was grim like the sharp end of a knife, formless yet capable of murdering someone.

    The First City?

    Since you had the audacity to design grand schemes around my precious daughter, don't expect to be able to leave so easily.


    The cultivators of the First City stopped their tracks on a narrow and winding road in the forest. One of them exclaimed irritably, "My Lord, are we really leaving just like this? If we don't bring that woman back, I'm afraid that Master..."

    "Hmph!" The man in green scoffed as a vicious light flashed in his eyes, "With that fellow Gu Tian around, we can't take her away! However, Gu Tian can't possibly be around her forever so we'll have to wait for a moment when he has left to make our move!"

    "That's not a bad plan at all. Unfortunately, you won't have that opportunity."

    A sinister and bloodthirsty voice echoed suddenly through the sky, causing the man in green's face to change drastically.

    "Who's out there?" The man in green gnashed his teeth and yelled in a stern voice, "Who's following us?"

    Just as he spoke, a powerful wave of aura charged directly at him and destroyed the trees around them, creating a devastated mess. A figure then slowly stepped into view from behind the trees.

    The man in green slowly relaxed when he lay his eyes upon the silver-haired man. "So, it's you." He sneered, "I thought it was Gu Tian. That's right, while it's true that I cannot defeat Gu Tian, defeating you, on the other hand, will be very simple! All of you, attack! Kill this man!"

    Upon receiving the order, the other cultivators rose to the sky and immediately began to direct their attacks at the man behind the trees.

    How great were the powers of a Martial Supreme?

    A single Martial Supreme would be enough to destroy an entire city and now, there were ten of them! They had more than enough power to trample an entire country. Hence, the man in green was confident that this man was no match for the First City's cultivators.

    However, despite the heavy coercion from the crowd, the silver-haired man showed no reaction. His crimson robes were like the lycoris of hell, emitting a dangerous aura into the air.

    "I don't care what kind of people the First City's members are. Even if you were to slaughter the common people of this mainland, it has nothing to do with me. However, you should never, ever harbor any intentions towards her."

    The man was calm as his red eyes flickered with a deeply eerie and murderous intent. He stared calmly at the First City cultivators who were charging towards him and declared frostily, "Any enemy of hers is my enemy as well! My enemies will only ever encounter one fate."


    Heaven and earth changed color while the sun and the moon lost their light!

    Countless red flames spiraled through the sky, blanketing the darkened horizon. There were so many flames that the entire forest turned into a sea of red! At this moment, the man in green felt as if he was not standing on the mainland but was instead in purgatory, surrounded by a sea of blood.

    It burns!

    That boiling temperature felt as if it could burn anyone's soul to ashes. Instantly, the First City cultivators who had been charging at Qianbei Ye were suddenly burned into ash and scattered into the air.

    The man in green was stunned. He lifted his head and stared at the silver-haired man in crimson robes in front of him as his eyes filled with a deep horror.


    This man is a true demon!

    One should know that these were all well-known Martial Supremes on this mainland and yet, when they had attacked him all at once, he had killed them all in one split second - without even lifting a finger!
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