Chapter 879: The First Citys Messengers (7)

    Chapter 879: The First City's Messengers (7)

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    Even he himself could not possibly kill so many people at once!

    When he realized that the silver-haired man's gaze was shifting to him, the man in green felt his heart freeze over and hurriedly tried to escape. Unfortunately, he was spotted and his legs felt as if they were nailed firmly to the ground. No matter how hard he tried, he could not move at all.

    "Trying to escape?" Qianbei Ye's lips curled.

    That particular curl of his lips filled the man in green with even more fear. It scared him so much that he could not stop himself from urinating in his pants. The smell of urine soon filled the air in the forest.

    "My... My Lord, it was my fault for failing to see the Taishan mountain despite having eyes. Please, my Lord, spare me just this once on account of my one mistake."

    How could the man in green possibly care about maintaining his dignity at a time like this? To him, ensuring his own survival was far more important than anything else!

    As long as he could remain alive, he still had a shot at revenge. If he were to die now, there would be no more hope for that!

    "Spare you? If I spared you, wouldn't I be allowing you to hurt Yun'er in the future?" An eerie light flashed in Qianbei Ye's eyes. There was a cold smile on his peerlessly beautiful face. A stifling aura then exploded from his body. His blood-red eyes stared viciously down at the man in green who had collapsed onto the ground.

    "Didn't we leave her unharmed?"

    The man in green was still trying to plead his case. After all, he had not laid a finger on Gu Ruoyun and has already lost so many cultivators. This silver-haired man should have let out all his frustration by now, why can't he let him live?


    Instantly, the aura from Qianbei Ye's body grew even stronger. The man in green was flung bodily to the ground. At this moment, he could almost hear the cracking sounds of his bones shattering all over his body.

    It seems that this man would crush his bones to dust in the very next second!

    A Martial Saint!

    Those words suddenly appeared in the man in green's mind. However, he quickly shook his head and his expression was an extremely ugly sight to behold.

    That's impossible!

    He was a Martial Supreme not too long ago, how could he possibly have reached the rank of a Martial Saint now?

    Yet, aside from a Martial Saint, who else could make a high-level Martial Supreme suffer such oppression?

    "I'm not giving anyone any chance to hurt her. I'll rid her of the danger before anyone even thinks of it. Even if I end up killing ten thousand people by mistake, I would not spare a single one of them!"

    This is my decision!

    Even if every single person on the mainland were to join together, they could not hold as much importance as her. So what if I have to slaughter the entire mainland for her sake? She is the only person that I wish to protect in this world.


    This time, under the strong coercion, the man in green no longer had the strength to even speak. He felt every break in every bone in his body and his heart filled with hatred. Had he known that this would happen, he would never have accepted this mission!

    Who would have guessed that Gu Tian has found Gu Ruoyun and she also had this demon by her side!


    Blood began to well out from his mouth. Under Qianbei Ye's oppression, the man in green's entire body was soon completely drenched in blood. As he gradually felt his life ebb away, the man in green slowly closed his eyes. At that very moment, countless flames rained down from the sky and turned the forest into a sea of fire, burning fiercely...

    "You can come out now."

    Qianbei Ye had his back turned against the sea of fire in the forest the entire time and a light flashed across his eyes.

    Behind an old tree not too far away behind him, a grim figure in red slowly stepped out.
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