Chapter 880: The First Citys Messengers (8)

    Chapter 880: The First City's Messengers (8)

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    "Initially, I had intended to deal with these people myself but you beat me to it."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian gently raised his sharp brows. His grim eyes held a smile, "I've only just met my daughter so I did not wish to make a move against the First City at a time like that... Yet I did not expect to arrive slightly after you."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian felt a little annoyed that he had been beaten to the punch by the b*stard who intends to snatch his daughter away, rendering him unable to kill those people!

    "However, I won't be too calculative with you over this matter on account of your devotion to my daughter."

    Despite those words, each time Grand Lord Hong Lian recalls the intimate way this young man and his daughter had interacted with each other, he would feel a surge of acid from the pit of his stomach. He has not seen his daughter for many years but in the end, after finally meeting her with great difficulty, that little girl only has her eyes glued to this kid.

    Qianbei Ye slowly turned around. His gaze fell upon Grand Lord Hong Lian's handsome yet grim features and a smile flashed in his crimson eyes, "Honored father-in-law, there's no need for you to take action. Your son-in-law can help you to take care of it."

    Honored father-in-law?

    Grand Lord Hong Lian glared at Qianbei Ye and replied irritably, "I might not be calculative with you over the incident regarding my daughter's portrait but, as my son-in-law, aside from being powerful, you must be extremely devoted to my daughter. Furthermore, she must be the only person you will be with for the rest of your life. Can you do this?"

    Honestly speaking, Grand Lord Hong Lian was quite satisfied with Qianbei Ye's level of power. At least, if he was not around, this man could surely ensure her safety.

    "In this lifetime, I only need her alone. Aside from her, I will not have any other woman!"

    We will be together for an entire lifetime!

    This was a promise he had once made to her. Besides, with her in his life, which other woman could possibly stand a chance to behold his gaze?

    Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded in satisfaction. He only felt rather unhappy when he thought of how difficult it has been for him to finally meet his daughter and now, she was about to snatched away by another man.

    "I know that my daughter has already accepted you. As long as it makes her happy, as a father, I have no objections. However, if you want me to accept you completely, I'll still need to observe you."

    Besides, he had already decided that he would get his daughter to stay by his side for a few years first to observe how this fellow behaves. He would not let him have his precious daughter so easily.

    Qianbei Ye smiled jovially and a glint flashed across his eyes.

    "Honored father-in-law, Yun'er and I have already shared a bed. Could it be that you want Yun'er to shirk her responsibility towards me?"

    They had indeed shared a bed but nothing else had happened.

    "What?" Grand Lord Hong Lian was greatly incensed, "You damned brat, you have the audacity to bully my precious daughter! Let me tell you this, if you wish to marry my daughter, I won't say no but you'll need to defeat me first!"


    Just as he spoke, Grand Lord Hong Lian's figure appeared in front of Qianbei Ye and a large amount of angry fire transformed into energy as it aimed straight towards Qianbei Ye's chest in one blow.

    Qianbei Ye reached out and caught Grand Lord Hong Lian's attack. The two men's auras exploded up into the sky and the sea of fire in the forest continued to crackle and burn. They were like two intense rays of light as they clashed against one another in the sky...


    At the tavern, Gu Ruoyun was seated on a chair. She poured herself a cup of tea and gently raised an eyebrow, "Xiao Zixie, both Xiao Ye and Father mentioned that they have some matters to attend to and had to leave for a moment, do you know what they were talking about?"

    Xiao Zixie shrugged as a peculiar light flashed in his purple eyes.

    "If my guess was right, they should be on their way to kill those people from the First City."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun's expression slowly sank. She then sighed after a long pause and her face filled with an agonized smile, "I might have been having breakthroughs at a consistent pace but my enemies are growing stronger as well. Unless I manage to reach the apex of the world, I'll never be able to protect my family's safety. In the end, I'll still have to rely on them to protect me."


    Right now, the power that I possess is not enough!

    Now that the matter surrounding the Xia family has been settled, it's time for me to leave Drifting Wind Country...
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