Chapter 881: The First Citys Power (1)

    Chapter 881: The First City's Power (1)

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    Grand Lord Hong Lian and Qianbei Ye returned to the tavern at the same time. However, Gu Ruoyun could not help but feel shocked when she saw the state they were in. These two men looked as if they had just fought a huge battle. Their bodies were completely covered by the smell of smoke. Both men also seemed to be wounded from the battle, making it very easy for Gu Ruoyun to figure out what had happened.

    From the looks of it, these two have just come out from a fight!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian glanced at Qianbei Ye and scoffed coldly, "I have something to say to my precious daughter."

    The meaning behind that sentence was very clear and he hoped that Qianbei Ye would automatically leave.

    Actually, Grand Lord Hong Lian was rather satisfied with Qianbei Ye as his son-in-law. Besides, during their earlier fight, he could see that Qianbei Ye had given way a little to him. Otherwise, he probably would not have been able to hurt that fellow.

    However, satisfaction was only just satisfaction. That did not mean that he has decided to simply give his precious daughter away to him.

    Qianbei Ye gently nodded and his warm, red eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His red lips curled into a smile as he said, "Yun'er, I'll come by and find you in a while."


    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently. Her eyes followed Qianbei Ye's incomparably beautiful figure as he left. She then turned her gaze towards the handsome man standing before her.

    Her mouth started to move as if she wished to say something but in the end, she could not bring herself to speak.

    In the tens of thousands of words she could have chosen, in the end, she simply called out to him...


    "Yun'er, I've always thought that the heavens were completely against me by forcing me and your mother apart. However, it now seems that the hand I was dealt was not entirely poor after all, at least they've sent you to me." Grand Lord Hong Lian smiled. His smile was filled with immeasurable magnificence until even his grim and cold dark eyes were filled with joy. His eyes only beheld the figure of the woman before him, "Now, with you by my side, I'm filled with even greater motivation. One day, I will find your mother and then our entire family will be reunited."

    Our entire family will be reunited!

    This was something which had been absolutely out of reach to Gu Ruoyun in the past.

    However, she now has great confidence in that as well.

    "Father, don't worry, I'll search for Mother's whereabouts with you. I believe that no matter where she is, she must be yearning for us just as much as we're yearning for her."

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened and a cold light flashed in the corner of her eye, "However, can you now tell me what had happened in the past? Including the First City as well? What is the grudge between you and the First City?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian smiled and his fingers gently caressed Gu Ruoyun's hair as he sighed, "Yun'er, do you know what lies above the rank of a Martial Supreme?"

    Gu Ruoyun paused before she answered, "A Semi-Saint?"

    During her past life, she had been unable to reach this rank. Hence, she does not have a very clear understanding of the ranks above a Martial Supreme.

    "No," Grand Lord Hong Lian shook his head, "After Martial Supreme lies an intersection, one can break through to become a Semi-Saint or immediately reach the rank of a Martial Saint! Of course, if one was to break through to become a Semi-Saint, then one would only remain as a Semi-Saint for the rest of their life, never to reach the rank of a Martial Saint! The reason why I had searched for a favorable circumstance in the snowfields was so that I could avoid breaking through to the Semi-Saint rank."

    His meaning was obvious; if one reaches the rank of a Semi-Saint upon their breakthrough, they would probably remain at that rank for the rest of their life.

    However, on this mainland, even a Semi-Saint was a certified powerful cultivator that no one would dare to provoke. As for Martial Saints, their existence could be likened to that of the feathers of a phoenix and the horns of a unicorn, extremely rare.

    "What is your current rank then, Father?" Gu Ruoyun gently raised an eyebrow and fixed her gaze on Grand Lord Hong Lian.
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