Chapter 882: The First Citys Power (2)

    Chapter 882: The First City's Power (2)

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    She had been able to sense this man's power in the past but this time, after reuniting with him, she discovered that her father's level of power was now unfathomable. He was no longer at the same level as he was in the past.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian chuckled softly and replied with a soft look in his eyes, "I've been very fortunate, before I came here to look for you, I have managed to break through to the rank of a Martial Saint!"

    A Martial Saint!

    One should not underestimate his breakthrough just because a Martial Saint was only one rank above a high-level Martial Supreme. In reality, the difference between these two ranks was more than 30,000 kilometers!

    Once someone attains this rank, they could be considered to have truly set foot in the peak of existence on this mainland.

    Of course, this was Gu Ruoyun's understanding of the situation.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's dark eyes sparkled like stars in the night. He had obviously seen through Gu Ruoyun's thoughts and was unable to contain himself from laughing, "Yun'er, are you thinking that a Martial Saint is the apex of power? However, what I'm trying to tell you is that once you have reached the rank of a Martial Saint, that's where it all really begins."

    Once you have reached the rank of a Martial Saint, that's where it all really begins?

    Gu Ruoyun gasped when she heard this. Xiao Zixie and Qianbei Ye have never mentioned this to her and based on her views from her past life, a Martial Saint was already an unmatched power. Yet now, Grand Lord Hong Lian had just said that this was only the true beginning of it all?

    "You saw those people who had tried to take you away. However, I can tell you with utmost certainty that those were not the most powerful cultivators of the First City!" Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed bitterly and sighed in exasperation, "To the First City, they were the lowest in rank. Yun'er, the world is vast, everything you've seen is only the tip of an iceberg. That is also the reason why I haven't been able to take my revenge all these years."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's words have truly widened Gu Ruoyun's worldview this time.

    She had been set on achieving the goal of becoming a Martial Saint in the past but it now looks like this goal was far from enough!

    "Father, those people from earlier today, where had they come from?"

    "They are the members of the Lin family from the First City! They are also my enemies!" Grand Lord Hong Lian took a deep breath and his eyes gleamed with a cold light, "This matter is connected to the year your brother was born!"

    "Big Brother?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrows and her eyes filled with astonishment.

    Honestly speaking, she was complete in the dark over the grudge between the First City and her father.

    Now, it seems that this matter was somehow connected to Gu Shengxiao.

    "That's right." Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded, "Actually, I'm not too clear on the specifics myself. I only know that the members of the Lin family have always wanted to take your brother away. However, due to certain restrictions, they had been unable to set foot on the West Spirit Mainland and could only use my easily-influenced Second Brother to deal with me. They then wanted to have your brother delivered to them."

    When he mentioned the Second Master of the Gu family, a cold smile appeared on Grand Lord Hong Lian's face.

    In beginning, he had not thought that a member of the Gu family would do such a thing. It was only when he was faced with certain death that he managed to see through the scheme. Unfortunately, it was already too late by then! While he had survived the murder attempt, Yu'er had gone missing!

    "Since the First City have failed in their attempts, could it be that they've given up on getting Big Brother? Also, what were the restrictions that you've mentioned?"

    "The First City has its own rules, it's clearly stated that cultivators above the rank of a Martial Supreme are not allowed to leave the East Peak Mainland so they had only been able to send a few Martial Honors. At that time, I was still on the West Spirit Mainland so I knew that your great-uncle from the Spirit Sect had secretly saved Shengxiao several times. I was then able to set my worries aside and journey to the East Peak Mainland to search for your mother. It has been so many years since I've left, I've never been able to return at all."
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