Chapter 884: The First Citys Power (4)

    Chapter 884: The First City's Power (4)

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    At this moment, Grand Lord Hong Lian's expression has completely frozen in place.

    Is she saying that she had single-handedly destroyed the Immortal Realm?

    And it was an accident?

    Grand Lord Hong Lian took a deep breath to avoid being shocked into foolishness by Gu Ruoyun's statement.

    He then burst into laughter after a long pause.

    His laughter filled the tavern and caused the guests in the other rooms to jump with fright and immediately run out from their rooms.

    "I never thought that the domineering and insufferably arrogant Immortal Realm would ever be met with a day like this, hahaha!"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was in a very good mood, or, one should say, an exceptionally good mood!

    This little girl was indeed his precious little daughter, even her style of excution was identical to his own!

    "Yun'er, this is too good! I've never liked the Immortal Realm and I never imagined that they would end up being destroyed by my own daughter!" Grand Lord Hong Lian's face was filled with happiness. His joyful gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun as he said, "If your mother knew about this, she would be so proud."

    Gu Ruoyun stared at the man's gloating expression and felt speechless.

    He's actually proud of the fact that his daughter had single-handedly destroyed countless lives?

    Perhaps only a madman like Grand Lord Hong Lian could say such a thing.

    "Oh, right. Yun'er, this time, you'll come back with me to the Red Lotus Territory." Grand Lord Hong Lian certainly did not care about what Gu Ruoyun was thinking. Besides, he was very satisfied with her actions.

    "No." Gu Ruoyun shook her head as a deep crease appeared in the space between her brows, "If I go back with you to the Red Lotus Territory, my growth in power will probably slow down. I've decided to leave Drifting Wind Country and learn through my experiences in my journey."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was stunned and knitted his brows, "You have now attracted the First City's attention, I simply can't relax with you gallivanting around the world."

    "Father, all these years, have the enemies I've provoked been any fewer? First it was the Weapon Refining Sect, then it was the Immortal Realm. Each great power was extremely powerful to me at the time, so powerful that they could have crushed me to death at any time. However, in the end, I have always prevailed."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled.

    She was speaking the truth. Back then, she had been very weak so the Weapon Refining Sect and the Immortal Realm had been like formidable juggernauts to her, completely out of her reach.

    However, in the end, she was not the one who ended up dead!

    It was them, the formidable juggernauts!

    Without danger, how could she have grown?

    With the increasing rise in her power, the enemies that she will meet would continue to grow stronger as well. Otherwise, her level of power would only remain stagnant.

    She was not afraid of danger!

    Her only fear was the lack of it!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed bitterly and sighed in exasperation, "Yun'er, I really want you to come home with me. However, if you've truly made your decision, I won't stop you. You're all grown up now and you have your own opinions. I'm so proud of you."


    Gu Ruoyun stepped forward and hugged Grand Lord Hong Lian tightly. She buried her head in his chest as her lips curled into a smile.

    "I know that you really want to find Mother. However, I cannot work hard solely for your sake. I must also grow as fast as I can so that we can reunite our family sooner. Don't worry, I have a very strong life line. There are indeed many who wish to kill me but in the end, those people have ended up dead instead!"


    Grand Lord Hong Lian sighed, "Hold on to this token, facing this token is equivalent to facing me! You can command anyone from the Red Lotus Territory! Furthermore, this token can also be used for one more thing, it can protect you from your enemy's attack three times no matter what type of attack it is."

    Gu Ruoyun held Grand Lord Hong Lian's token in a tight grip as she felt a wave of warmth wash over her heart.

    Is this what it feels like to have a father's love?

    In her past life, she had never experienced her father's love and she now understands what having a father truly feels like!
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