Chapter 885: High-Level Martial Honor (1)

    Chapter 885: High-Level Martial Honor (1)

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    Grand Lord Hong Lian smiled with a never-before-seen warmth in his grim eyes as he stroked Gu Ruoyun's hair affectionately, "The gates of the Red Lotus Territory will always be open to you. As long you wish to come home, you can visit me anytime. Understood?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. She then took two steps forward and embraced Grand Lord Hong Lian once again.

    She lowered her eyelids, concealing her resolution.

    "Father, please forgive me for not being able to stay by your side. Since I don't want to remain under anyone's wings, I have no choice but to grow stronger. Once I'm strong enough, only then can our family be reunited."

    She understood that the enemy's power was currently beyond her reach. All she could do now was to quickly increase her own level of power.

    "By the way, could you explain the power division of the First City to me and the world beyond the rank of a Martial Saint?"

    "Back then, it was the Lin family of the First City who had caused our family to become separated. However, the Lin family doesn't really count for much in the First City." Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed bitterly and spoke in exasperation, "The citizens of the First City are isolated from the world. Only those who have broken through to the rank of a Martial Saint will be absorbed into the First City. You probably have an idea of how powerful the First City truly is now."

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened. No wonder that there had only been Martial Supremes on the mainland and no record regarding any Martial Saints at all. Anyone who has broken through to the rank of a Martial Saint would be absorbed into the First City.

    "It looks like the First City is indeed very powerful."

    Gu Ruoyun knit her brows gently as a light flashed in the corner of her eyes. The glow of the setting sun cast a cold light upon her delicate features, making her appear as if she could take one's soul away.

    "That's right." Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded, "The First City exists on a whole other plane on the East Peak Mainland. Only those who have reached my level of power can come into contact with this place. However, the First City has its own rules as well and clearly states that no power in the First City can attack at will. Otherwise, any great power in the First City like the Lin family, for example, could choose to destroy a whole country whenever they wished."

    Gu Ruoyun had seen the powerful cultivators of the Lin family with her own eyes. They could definitely destroy a whole country with such a great number of Martial Supremes in their ranks. However, the Lin family certainly has more than just Martial Supremes in their midst, they must have Martial Saints as well!

    "Based on your explanation, why would the Lin family members try to take me away?" Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrows, "Could it be that they no longer care about the First City's rules?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian fell silent when he heard this.

    He then spoke again after a long pause, "I'm not too sure myself, perhaps I've been on the move too much of late and have forced those old farts' hand! However, Yun'er, don't worry. I won't give them any opportunities to find you in the future!"

    He could tolerate anything the Lin family throws at him but he never expected that they would make a move against his precious daughter!

    A raging flame appeared in Grand Lord Hong Lian's chest at the thought of this and he nearly spat out the anger he was feeling in his heart.

    "Father, I've sensed recently that I'm about to experience a breakthrough so I'd like to go into closed-door cultivation for a while. Once I've had my breakthrough, I'll leave the Drifting Wind Country." Gu Ruoyun smiled. Over the past few days, she had sensed her bottleneck loosening up. She reckons that it would not be too long before she would reach the rank of a high-level Martial Honor.

    By then, she would be only one step away from becoming a Martial Supreme.

    "Alright." Grand Lord Hong Lian gently surveyed the woman's delicate and pretty features. He then curled his lips, "No matter what you wish to do, I will support you. However, if you ever feel tired, don't forget to visit me at the Red Lotus Territory."
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