Chapter 891: High-Level Martial Honor (7)

    Chapter 891: High-Level Martial Honor (7)

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    Gu Ruoyun, the Little Princess, and the others all said their goodbyes before she headed for the Medicine Sect.


    The Medicine Sect was well-known on the East Peak Mainland.

    The reason was that the Medicine Sect's Master was at the same rank as the Holy Doctor! However, unlike the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian who was a maverick, the Medicine Sect's Master was clearly the goal for many young people.

    The members of the Medicine Sect were proud and arrogant. They paid no attention to most people so even if others were to set the Medicine Sect as their goal, they would never be able to set foot in the Medicine Sect, not even once.

    However, today was different!

    An elder of the Medicine Sect had previously uncovered a lost pill formula and the might of the Medicine Sect was not enough to successfully refine a pill. Hence, a while back, the Medicine Sect had released an announcement which invited every doctor from all parts of the world to join the Medicine Sect and research pill refinement! Because of this, a huge crowd has gathered at the foot of the Medicine Sect's Mountain. They were all doctors who have gathered to attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting.

    At this moment, at the foot of the Medicine Sect's Mountain, a young woman dressed in green robes paused in her steps as her finger gently stroked her chin. She smiled gently as she looked at the majestic door at the summit of the mountain and murmured to herself, "The Medicine Sect's general meeting should be starting soon, I wonder if Master has arrived."

    This woman looked to be approximately twenty years of age. While she was not exceptionally beautiful, her features were pleasing to the eye. Something about her was even more eye-catching than a stunningly beautiful woman.

    However, what drew the most attention was the one-armed youth who was walking next to her.

    Even though the youth was fair and delicate-looking, his severed arm was his only flaw.

    "These two youngsters aren't here to attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting, are they?"

    "That's possible but they are far too young and they are not accompanied by any elders at all. Based on that, they definitely can't be here for the Medicine Sect's general meeting. Since there is a one-armed youth, the reason for their visit is clear. They want the Medicine Sect to help them."

    "Haha, they think too much of themselves, the Medicine Sect's physicians would never lend a hand so casually. Besides, his arm has been severed so not even the gods can help him. Still, that youth does indeed have nice, delicate features. It's a pity that he's crippled."

    The gossipers shook their heads as they felt a hint of pity in their hearts. To them, this youth's future was bleak as he has been crippled at such a young age.

    Gu Ruoyun calmly swept her gaze at the gossipers before she quickly turned away. She gently took Xia Linyu's hand as her eyes flashed with determination.

    "Yu'er, don't worry, I will heal your arm."

    Xia Linyu's young and innocent face broke into a smile. His dark eyes were as clear and limpid as pools of fresh spring water.

    "Sister, I don't mind if my arm never grows back."

    However, to say that he didn't mind was a lie!

    Since his reincarnation, he had made a vow that he would never become his sister's burden. He only wishes to use his strength to help her.

    Yet, in the end, I had ended up becoming a burden!

    Xia Linyu's eyes darkened as he glanced at his bare sleeve but soon returned to their normal gaze. He could not let his sister notice the inferiority and sadness he was feeling deep down.

    "Yu'er, you must believe in my power."

    Gu Ruoyun turned to face Xia Linyu, "I won't let you stay like this for the rest of your life."
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