Chapter 892: High-Level Martial Honor (8)

    Chapter 892: High-Level Martial Honor (8)

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    Suddenly, a scornful laugh sounded and a mocking voice said, "Who do you think you are, a god? A severed arm can't be grown back and everyone knows this yet you dare to spout such a boast? You're utterly ignorant!"

    Gu Ruoyun gently wrinkled her brow as she turned to face a young woman who was dressed in yellow robes next to her. Her clear, cold gaze had remained completely steady.

    The woman in yellow robes glanced at Gu Ruoyun and sneered. She then turned towards Xia Linyu, raised her chin and declared arrogantly, "Your severed arm can never be grown back. There's no use for you to go to the Medicine Sect so let me give you a piece of advice - go home and stop searching for your own disgrace. Besides, you are only a cripple, were you not aware of your own station before entering the Medicine Sect?"

    To the yellow-robed woman's point of view, these two have obviously traveled here to look for a doctor. So many people have arrived and were attempting to enter the Medicine Sect so her duty at the front of the mountain's door was to supervise and stop anyone other than qualified physicians from taking advantage of the situation and try to sneak into the Medicine Sect.

    These two young people were clearly here for medical attention. Although this youth may be a cripple and his powers cannot be classified as weak, the woman next to him was truly a good-for-nothing. There was not a single hint of spiritual energy on her so what else could she be but a good-for-nothing?

    "Apologize! Apologize to Yu'er for what you've just said!"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at the woman in yellow who was blocking the way. Her brows were wrinkled into a slight frown as she demanded in an icy tone.

    "Oh my goodness, is this woman an idiot? Does she not know who the woman standing in front of her is? That's Huang Feifei, Elder Huang's daughter! They say that Huang Feifei has a very forceful character and holds grudges very easily. If you cross her, you can forget about coming to the Medicine Sect for whatever ailment you may have in the future."

    "Sigh, as humans, we must adapt to the circumstances. They had come here to ask for medicinal attention and they've offended the daughter of an elder from the Medicine Sect. Does this mean that they want to sever all ties to the Medicine Sect for the rest of their lives?"

    "If I were her, I would admit that I had been wrong to Huang Feifei first. Perhaps I would even receive her forgiveness but this woman wants Huang Feifei to apologize to that cripple instead?"

    When they saw the change in Huang Feifei's expression, the people around them could not help but rejoice in the misfortune of others. Some felt pity as well but most of them lingered around, anticipating a good show.

    "Sister," Xia Linyu tugged Gu Ruoyun's sleeve as he shook his head and said, "Forget it, there's no need for you to get angry for my sake."

    Actually, Xia Linyu had not said this because he was afraid of Huang Feifei. He simply did not want to drag his sister down over his own affairs. After all, his sister has done more than enough for him until he would never be able to repay her in one lifetime.

    "This kid is more capable of adapting to the circumstances." Huang Feifei sneered. She lifted her chin and stared at Gu Ruoyun arrogantly, "If you wish for me to apologize to you, it would depend on whether you have the power to make me! However, if you confess your sins to me now, I will show you great mercy and let you leave unharmed. Otherwise, I won't let you leave the Medicine Sect so easily!"

    It made sense for Huang Feifei to speak in that manner.

    On this mainland, aside from powerful cultivators like Grand Lord Hong Lian, who else would have the audacity to not show consideration to the Medicine Sect? Even if this woman was a princess from another country, she could still treat her rudely!

    However, it would be a different case if she was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter.

    After all, no one dares to provoke an abnormality like Grand Lord Hong Lian. Even the Medicine Sect's Master would not dare to climb over the head of that madman. However, she never heard that Grand Lord Hong Lian has a daughter which was why she had dared to fearlessly speak down to Gu Ruoyun in such a manner.
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