Chapter 893: Another Encounter (1)

    Chapter 893: Another Encounter (1)

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    "Apologize to Yu'er!"

    Gu Ruoyun stared indifferently at Huang Feifei as her voice grew colder by the minute.

    She could have overlooked it if Huang Feifei had insulted her but she would never allow anyone to hurt Yu'er.

    Yu'er may not have said anything and would face it all with a smile but Gu Ruoyun knows how inferior and sensitive he feels deep down in his heart! All because he now lacked an arm!

    The word 'cripple' not only hurt Xia Linyu but held her heart in a tight grip as well!

    "Little girl, are you unable to see your current predicament?" Huang Feifei laughed icily as her taunting gaze swept across Gu Ruoyun's features. She curled the corners of her lips, "This is the Medicine Sect's territory. If you're here to ask for a cure, I might have even put in a good word for you to my father if you had shown a pleasant attitude. Unfortunately, based on your attitude... You still want to seek medical attention?"

    The cold smile on Huang Feifei's face grew even broader as she stared haughtily down at Gu Ruoyun.

    The crowd immediately burst into a discussion and everyone's attention was now turned towards this particular direction. Some who had not been paying attention earlier on could not help but shake their heads and sigh at the situation which Gu Ruoyun now faced.

    Of all the people she had to offend, it had to be the little demon lady from the Medicine Sect? Forget about asking for a cure, she probably no longer had the right to enter the Medicine Sect now!


    "Sect Master, what did the Holy Doctor's letter say which had made you so happy?"

    At this moment in the Medicine Sect, a middle-aged man glanced at the smiling old man who was holding a letter and seated in front of a desk. He wondered what the Holy Doctor could have said to have brought out such an expression from his Sect Master.

    The wispy-haired elderly man who had been addressed as the Sect Master smiled as he put the letter down and said, "The Holy Doctor's letter states that he has some matters to attend to and will be delayed. He will only be able to arrive a few days later."

    The middle-aged man looked completely shocked. Generally speaking, his Sect Master and the Holy Doctor have enjoyed a pretty good relationship so why would the Sect Master be so happy after hearing that the Holy Doctor would be delayed?

    Something isn't right!

    Something definitely isn't right!

    Before the middle-aged man could think of a question, the wispy-haired old man spoke up once again, "However, his disciple is on the way. I'm expecting her to most likely arrive at the Medicine Sect today and he has asked me to take care of his precious disciple."

    Although Chang Lin was the Medicine Sect's Sect Master whom the rest of the world considers as being on par with the Holy Doctor, he understood very clearly that a large divide exists between him and the Holy Doctor. This was why he would lay down all his dignity in front of the Holy Doctor.


    The middle-aged man was stunned and he widened his eyes in shock, "The Holy Doctor's disciple? The Holy Doctor has a disciple?"

    Chang Lin nodded, "That's right, his disciple's name is Gu Ruoyun, you shall go receive her in a while."


    When he heard that the Holy Doctor's disciple could be arriving at any time, the middle-aged man quickly complied.

    After all, the Holy Doctor's temper was not any better than Grand Lord Hong Lian's. If his disciple was to receive any form of grievance, knowing that old man's character, he would completely disregard his relationship with the Medicine Sect and would certainly turn against the Sect Master on the spot!

    "Sect Master, Lord Sect Master!"

    Just as the middle-aged man was about to leave, a hasty voice sounded from outside the door, "Lord Sect Master, there's a letter for you."

    "Oh?" Chang Lin raised his brows and took the letter from the Medicine Sect disciple's hand. However, when he read its contents, he became completely shocked.
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